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    I’m developing a theme called Firefox V2.
    The theme itself is working great so far, but during development, I’ve discovered a strange bug:

    The borders of some boxes are doubled and this looks great – except on one page and till now, I couldn’t find any solution for this problem.
    And the weird thing about this is that IE shows the borders correctly (although not rounded as in Firefox), but Firefox doesn’t – most of the time it’s the other way round..

    Theme’s CSS-file can be found here:

    A page with an example of the wrong border is the following: (at the bottom, just below the “Submit Comment”-button.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Martin.. 😀

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  • You need to try starting off with valid css. I recommend designing with/for Firefox first, then when everything is finished, tweak for IE.

    Cut and paste your css into: to get started?

    The thing is that the CSS is valid, except the -moz-* things of course (bu7t FF understands them)..

    So, while developing, I also kept the css-rules in mind to comply with the validator..

    The problem I can’t seem to fix is that I’m using the same border-attributes as in other CSS-classes, but only on such a page as given above the bottom-border doesn’t show up. – That’s why I came here: I need help on fixing this! 🙂

    Fix your css.

    It’s rude and selfish to expect someone else to wade through bad code and the effects it has on multiple browsers/versions/systems to apply some band-aid/hack to try and hold the mess together.

    Sorry to say this, but you seem to be more rude than me..

    I neither “requested” nor “forced” you to dig through my code – in fact, I didn’t even want you to do so!

    The thing is, that the code might be not valid, but as long as this god damn motherfucking piece of shit, also known as Internet Explorer, will not work with CSS 3.0 well, I won’t even think about supporting it nor will I write 200 lines of extra source code just to make sure, it’s shown correctly in it!

    In my very personal opinion I got a *standard* (or at least a set of rules which are a “quasi-standard”) and I will write code that is valid in face of these rules.

    The thing with the borders is just my way of showing Firefox-users that they made the right decision (switching from IE to FF) and therefore I give them some extraordinary bonus stuff..

    Of course, this doesn’t comply with the “quasi-standard”, but just for you, I’m going to update the theme so there’ll be a user agent-check so that the borders are only “invalid”, when a FF-user browses the page(s)..

    But besides that I was originally looking for a hint or a helpful advice on how to fix that double-border at the bottom, because it shows only one line currently..

    If you aren’t able to help, than please stop writing. Because posts like your last one won’t help!

    Seems to be fixed in newer versions of Firefox or WordPress (can’t find out which one).. 😀

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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