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    I’m creating a commercial theme and implementing auto-updating (not going through repository). Everything is working and I get notifications for the update, and the link to see details.

    Here’s where it gets weird…

    The link to the details / changelog is being called in an iframe set to width:1024 and height:800. This is different from the details / changelog links for plugins – those seem to be 800 x 600.

    Anyway, when the iframe launches there is a strange negative margin being set at the top, so it cuts off the top of the window.

    This isn’t happening at all when plugins send through an update with details – it’s only happening on theme update details.

    I’m on the latest WP for testing.

    This is the last piece for my theme, but can’t release with this messed up display of course 🙂

    And I can’t really override the #TB_window, because it might negatively impact other themes and their changelogs.

    But I need to figure this out somehow, and I’ve spent the last 7 hours researching and trying various solutions without success.

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  • Nevermind – I figured it out. The iframe is setup to pull in the page from the repository for free themes, and has a negative margin applied to hide the top header. By adjusting my html file I was able to work around this.

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