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  • Hello,

    I would say that intricate knowledge when it comes to WP from a general standpoint. Like for when say a person can listen to someone speak German, but can’t speak it fluently.

    I am a self taught web designer by hobby, and trying to make the transition by trial and error with several sites and then starting back over with something new and try again.

    Currently, I am trying to mimic this site or at least learn to have the ability to.

    My biggest issue was the menu at first, but after doing some Nav-bar, margin,top and bottom moving, and making the position different in CSS…I was able to move it to above the image. The code for that is here…Not sure if I have done it correctly.

    My issue now is this….When I go to their link…you cannot right click and view images of their logo in the header, nor the main image with the man with orange text next to him.

    My understanding was to have two separate images, and input them. I didnt use their logo but if you click on my imgur link here It might be a little hard to notice…but there is a header image, with a search bar, and then beneath that is a slider plugin.

    I guess what I want to know is how to have a header image that has the menu z index and integrated within, and then content beneath the image is also visible, but not able to be clicked and view the images.

    I am not sure if Im on the right track…with how to put the menu on top of the header image. And if I were to put the image(s) to create a similar design…If there would only be one image, or a couple spliced in there.

    I dont expect a full on answer, but just maybe a nudge in the right direction…7 days of trial and error, and looking at unhelpful tutorials have lead me nowhere, and would just like enlightenment, I must be missing something.

    Please help, and thank you!

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