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  • I am on to my second purchased theme with my website. My utter frustration with buying a theme is the business models these guys use means that they can’t afford to provide me with the service I need.

    Charging £30/$50 once and then never again does NOT provide the theme designers with enough revenue to provide a good long term level of service, with updates and tweaks when needed.

    My current theme designer is great at his job, but the theme needs some major upgrading but he doesn’t have the time to do it.

    I’d be much happier being charged a monthly or annual fee to be provided with a much better level of service, funded by the higher fee.

    Does anyone know of theme developers/vendors/designers who offer this?

    My website is

    Thanks, Dice

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  • Andrew Nevins


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    Have you checked these commercial vendors out – I have no idea whether they fit what you want, but they’re recommended on so I assume they’re okay.




    The unfortunate reality is that many users buy themes so that they don’t have to pay a designer any more than $50.

    You’re absolutely right that the typical business model does not afford most theme and plugin developers (who actually make sales and have support to handle) the time and resources needed to scale their businesses. So there are quite a few folks who have ditched the lifetime updates/support model for an annual fee and limited usage based on tiered pricing.

    The problem is that the aforementioned business model scares more users off than it does create the type of feelings you have. So developers have to know which approach is right for them at any given time in their growth. It’s not far-fetched that cheaper prices with lifetime usage/support is a good method for building a user base and then switching to the model you’ve mentioned later down the line is a good strategy. It’s just hard to tell when to make those changes. There’s a lot of competition in this game, you know? Getting noticed can be difficult at times.

    Anyway, I agree. Now if we can get people to stop feeling so entitled to free/cheap stuff and be willing to pay more than a few bucks one time, maybe something will change.

    Thanks ⊡.⊡
    Volunteer Moderator. There are a lot of options there.


    Thanks for your response and I understand your point, but there just has to be a group of WordPress users that want more. I’m certain of this.

    Economics dictate that you cannot provide a high level of updates and support for a one off payment of £30 or US $50.

    It’s the price of a half decent bottle of Whisky.

    It should at least be an annual payment to continue receiving updates and support or perhaps a monthly equivalent.

    If I was able to get a good level of service and support and theme development then £20 would be very good value in my view.

    You pizza or burger takeaway places here in the UK that compete with each other to sell the cheapest Burger & Chips, or Pizza that are of god awful quality, none of them really make any money.

    Then you get other places that focus on quality and charge more and make loads.

    This is what theme designers should be doing. Focus on quality and on the service they offer. Don’t go for bargain basement prices that just don’t work.




    No I agree with you totally. While I understand an alternative route (which is what I mentioned above), I definitely don’t think it’s the way things should be. I think it’s done out of fear, honestly. The thought of not making a dime from your work is scary. Again, though, I agree with you 100%. I’m actually motivated to look at my own system now. I should be catering (and delivering) to customers like you.

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