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  • I’ve downloaded my own header images but can’t seem to use that for slideshow purpose. At this point, i could only

    Use each custom image as a static image (through Display header image function), OR use the theme’s default 2 header images if i want a slideshow.

    Can anyone advise if there’s a way to solve this problem? Ideally i try to avoid amendments at the css/html coding since i know nothing about it, unless that’s the only way out.

    Please help

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  • Hi, I haven’t found a way to do it without editing the code, but it is relatively easy.

    The simplest way if you only have 2 images is to replace header.jpg and headers.jpg in the wp-content/themes/delicate/images/header folder.

    If you have more than 2 images, place them all in that same folder and then edit the file wp-content/themes/delicate/header.php. Near the bottom of the file you will see 2 lines that start echo '<div><div class="tagline">... Those are the lines that load in the slideshow images. Copy and paste as many as you need and then change the tagline text and the file name just before the .jpg.

    Good luck!

    Hi lamamedia

    Thanks for the reply. Your explanation was very clear and i did what you said. Found the 2 lines starting with echo ‘<div>’ and changed but still it doesn’t work. Even the tagline change doesn’t work.

    As i said i’m really a dummy with CMS, please advise if it could be due to any below error.

    1) I uploaded my 2 images through Media. The files seem to be automatically storied in a different location (wp-content/uploads/xxxxxx.jpg), instead of the default image folder. I’ve replaced /images/header/headers.jpg with uploads/xxxxxx.jpg but still that doesn’t work.

    2) I’m doing all these editing through the “Editor” function under “Appearance” Is that the right place i should be working at?

    Hi ktis,

    Whoever designed the Delicate skin didn’t make this easy.

    One way to fix the problem should be to move them to the folder: wp-content/themes/delicate/images/header, not the default image folder.

    Another possibility worth trying is to add “../../” (without the quotes) before uploads/xxxxxx.jpg, so it reads ../../uploads/xxxxxx.jpg — dot-dot-slash says to look back up a level in the directory tree.

    Hi Lamamedia

    Thanks for trying hard to solve my problem. I just gave another shot at both your suggestions. I’ll ask my friend who’s slightly better in CMS to take a look direct at my PC if i could have missed out anything.

    If you continue to have any good ideas, will still be great to read your replies.

    Hi ktis,
    Sorry I wasn’t able to help.
    Best of luck.

    Theme Author nattywp


    Guys, what are you doing? No need to edit header.php code!
    You need to open Appearance -> Theme Options and specify Homepage Scrolling pages

    Read theme documentation first:


    Thanks natty!
    I tried to find the documentation but failed. Is there a list of all the available documents & tutorials?

    Theme Author nattywp


    You can check our knowledge base:


    I’ve contacted NattyWP support about a problem I’m having with the pagebased slideshow, but haven’t heard anything back. I activate the slideshow and now my posts where I have added the <!–more–> tag, do not work anymore. It still shows the full post on the home page rather than a shorter version, with the Read More link. I apologize for posting this question here. But can’t find any info about a similar problem anyone else was having.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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