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  • I’m using duotive-5 as my theme, I don’t think this started happening til today, so I think it’s something I changed, or it happened from updating to wordpress 3.6.

    If you view our site on firefox, half of the slideshow is cut off until the browser is resized. Could someone tell me what css I may have to change to prevent this from happening? I’ve been looking everywhere, but I can’t find any divs that stop where the picture gets cut off. I’m completely lost, any help is greatly appreciated!

    Our site is, and you can see it happen in the latest version of Firefox.

    Edit: If you notice on the bottom of the page there is a widget that says “sign up for special deals.” We also haven’t been able to get this to position absolutely. We need it to stay in one spot, regardless of how the browser resizes, but the content div that the widget is positioned inside of is positioned relative, so it moves around. I can’t change this because it has an effect on other elements on other pages. I need a way to make that widget stay in one place regardless of browser size, any help there as well?

    Thanks so much.

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