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  • Hi All,

    Wonder if anyone could help. I’m using a static page with a full sized slider. The options suggest I can set the slideshow to display posts or pages. How do I actually get this to work?

    I type in the page name, post names, I type page, I type posts but all I get is an empty slideshow with a note saying click here for FAQ’s that just leads to a Page Cannot Be Found message.

    Any ideas?


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  • I have the same problem. The slideshow works well with posts but not with a static page, or static sub-pages I should say (I don’t want to have posts on my site). This is my site any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated

    I’m unable to even get the slide show to work with posts let alone pages. I’ve changed the settings several times and haven’t been successful. richardfoleher and Sherry, while we are waiting for a response to your earlier posts are you able to tell me what I’m missing to get it working?

    Thanks I appreciate it!


    Sorry here’s my site….


    You can show posts OR pages, not both at the same time.
    Posts are rather easy to pull from category. Pages, you need the page ID number, you can find this by editing the page and checking for postid=2 <- number here is what you are after.
    Now in your slideshow you list the ID numbers

    under slideshow tab in theme options, you can set post type to page
    next option down list your id numbers like 2,10,40
    save and test your slideshow.

    This second option with the ID numbers can be used with the post IDs as well.

    I would love any help re: the Custom Community Slideshow. I upgraded and it is not moving like a slide show and pictures are distored, as well as there is a large gap between the picture and the 4 topics so you can’t even see the 4 other topics.

    Hi pinkpolkadotgirl,
    Custom Community was updated to 1.123 to fix problems like this.
    Check your updates for the new version. (updated today)

    Hmmm. Thank you for your feedback. I do appreciate it. I will look again, but I just uploaded the updated version today and today is now when it is not working properly.

    are you sure the theme is set to 1.123?
    if so can you share a link so I can take a look and offer ideas on a fix?

    my site is
    i use a static home page
    i have currently hidden the slideshow b/c the pictures displayed were distored and to the right of the full size pic there was a large gap with the thumnails, but no words like before.
    As well, it doesn’t move like it had before with the slideshow.

    On a side note-do you know how to get pictures to show up on your website when looking at a mobile phone (iphone, etc)
    Mine use to work, but again, no loger works with pictures on a mobile device.
    Thank you!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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