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  • Hi custom community users,

    I have a huge problem with custom community theme. I simply love the slideshow feature however:

    The 4 titles displaying the last 4 posts from the slideshow do not link to each post accordingly. If you click on any of the 4, it just brings it up in the slideshow, nothing more. I would rather much have it linked to the content of the post.

    Because of how it is right now, everybody keeps telling me that I have a problem with the website…my links do not work properly ! and it is very frustrating.

    My website is

    Is there any way I could make those titles link with the posts???

    I would very much appreciate…

    Kind Regards,
    A frustrated user

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  • You have to click the image in the slider to get the post, the menu titles only bring the images to the slider. This behaviour is typical of most post slders. (frontpage slideshow plugin, ect.) If nothing happens when you click the slider image, then you have an issue.
    If users are confused you may want to put a message near the slider “Please click slider image to view article” or something like that.

    I understand, the message would be the next best thing…thank you for the ideea

    however would still want the menu titles to bring up the posts rather than the images to the slider 🙁

    It would serve no purpose to do both at once, since the user won’t seee the slider image change if they are redirected to the post.. Perhaps a post slider with no controls just to show new artlcles, and a seperate thumb slider to link to posts? I’d reccomend Front Page Slideshow. Pretty sure it can be set to show thumbs only. Frontpage Slidshow does the same thing as the default CC post slider, but allow for more posts and configuration. You may want to dump the CC slider altogether.

    Frontpage slideshow is no longer a free WP plugin. Here’s one that shows a nice layout for post thumbs and excerpts with no slider, either as template tag, shortcode or widget:recent-posts-widget
    Then you would just need a post slider with no thumbs to put next to it. Unfortunately I don’t think you can easily turn off the CC slider thumbs. This looks like it may suit your needs:recent-posts-slider
    good luck!

    2 solutions:

    1. Use just the full width slider option, it looks very elegant with the wide images and further you don’t have the “confusing” posts.

    2. we also discussed about this several times and now I created a ticket at Github for a new feature request. You should have an option in the theme settings, so you can choose if the preview posts in the slideshow link to the post directly or just within the slider.

    Will come soon.


    Thanks for your input,

    I would also like to see this feature on next version.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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