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  • Okay….I’ve finally gathered up the nerve to do this. Been working on this for a couple of months now. Originally, the site was done using pMachine Pro, but the CMS had serious limitations that I just couldn’t deal with anymore, and I knew I needed to update skills with WordPress, so…

    …the site has been converted to WordPress 2.0. This is the first attempt at my own “theme” I’ve ever made. Aside from time constraints, I think I did pretty well with learning something new, and I like this stuff so well I plan to continue.

    Anyway, without further ado:

    Aneko Studios

    I haven’t finished going through to check it on other browsers and platforms (been working on this all day in Firefox, and I’m gearing up for that horror tomorrow) – so if you view the site in anything other than PC/Firefox 1.0, please let me know if there are any glitches I should know about. I *know* I still need to double-check my validations – that will also be coming tomorrow.

    Thanks a bunch for a great program and very helpful forum to get me through this!

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  • Nice, elegant “attempt” 🙂
    My only (minor) complaint is about the entry/post link color: for my old eyes they are not so obvious. To be honest, I didn’t see it, just realized, because of the context, there should be a link and started to hover the cursor 🙁
    Otherwise it has a very professional look!

    Is this something that’s going to be released?

    I like it – and I share miklb’s question. 🙂

    Released? You mean as a “template available for download”? I dunno. Never thought about that! I suppose I could do that – I need some themes up on the site 😉

    Good point, Moshu, on the link colors, though – I had noticed that earlier with the “not bold” text links – they look almost the same color as the text. I shall fix this issue, as well 🙂

    Nice theme, but there seems to be an issue with your menu.

    When I hover over “downloads” I get two sub-menu options, when I hover down to “tips & tricks” suddenly the mouse is over is over “tutorials” and if I scroll down from there attempting to get to “about” with the reshuffling of the menu, suddenly I’m sitting on “contact”.

    So, you might want to try to present the sub-menu’s in a different way.


    Wow! Very nice.
    I didn’t have the issue with the sub menu using PC/FF
    In fact, I like it very much.
    The whole theme is simple and classy and easy to read/navigate. I think this theme would be very popular if you decide to release it.

    Not only is it nice and easy to navigate and easy to read, it also has some real good content on there.

    I bookmarked it, as its got a lot of links that are full of free gifts for web designers. I like the free fonts site you link to and think its time I done my own font once I find out what tools I need.

    I’m building up a list of educational blogs, suitable for children, or young people, that I can link to. This will be a good one because the author has done a real neat job of explaining css.

    It would truly be a good theme for public release.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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