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  • I liked the theme a great deal originally as it’s simple and had nice features.
    Unfortunately, it crashes the entire server under the following circumstances every time I try to alter the footer text copyright on any WordPress website on the server with this theme installed.

    1) With the theme loaded, with or without plugins, posts or pages.
    2) I’ve tried it on complete new installs, with the same results.
    3) Go to the theme customize area, Footer, Copyright.
    4) Change the text and try to publish the new footer text..
    5) BAMM!!! the entire server crashes. Tried it 5 or 6 times on a new DO droplet.

    Doing the same exact thing on other themes, work fine.

    Be warned…

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  • Hi @micro-user,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us this review! We take very seriously each bug report we are getting, but this time we couldn’t replicate what you are experiencing. Maybe you can also share your site so we can see the issue?
    I tried on various WP instances and on my site as well you can see here I’ve updated the footer copyright to ‘Updated copyright’ and I had no problem with that.
    Would you please share more details with us?

    Thank you,

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    The exact circumstance was repeated 100 percent of the time.

    1) Plesk clean install from a Digital Ocean Droplet. 4MG Ram, 2 vCPU (look up the droplet specs for exact details)
    2) Three WordPress sites (max allowed) were put up, all with only the Hello post and your NEVE theme activated.
    3) The following plugins were loaded. Yoast SEO, AMP, Redis Object Cache, Glue for Yoast.
    4) Each website was tried doing the same process of trying to update the footer copyright information. Each time it was tried all the websites went down.
    5) I then had to restart the server and changed only the theme to OceanWP and was able to change the footer text and Publish with no errors at all.
    6) I then deactivated all the plugins and activated your NEVE theme, immediately the footer text attempt was met with crashing the webserver. Plesk didn’t crash, just all the websites on the server.

    Best of luck, but under the above circumstances, it was obvious to me there is a compatibility issue with your theme.

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    Hi @micro-user,

    Thank you again for the feedback! We had one of the devs run some tests on a similar server configuration and he found out that this is a server configuration issue.

    There is an issue on the Plesk side with false positives for Restricted SQL Character Anomaly Detection (args): # of special characters exceeded (12) triggered by ModSecurity. We would advise you to make sure all Plesk packages are updated and go to Go to Domains > > Web Application Firewall and add the 942430 id to the Security rule IDs exclusion list. This will prevent the firewall from blocking access to the application.

    Also maybe check to see if the OWASP rule set is used inside Tools & Settings > Web Application Firewall > Settings. The OWASP rule set is very restrictive and thus might block some functions, such as file sharing, webmail, and some web applications, including WordPress.

    Please let me know if this is by any means of help and if there is something else we can do, regarding the theme.
    We would also appreciate if you’d consider changing your review since this is not a theme issue, but a server configuration one.

    Thank you,

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    Sorry, but I don’t agree that the issue isn’t related to your theme since other themes worked with no issues, with nothing else changed. It was very obvious your theme was breaking the server with an exact variable.

    It would seem you’re just trying to pass the buck.
    What you’re saying is.

    1) The latest updated release of Plesk is broken and incompatible with WordPress because your theme crashes the server… It sounds like a stretch.

    I have no reason to ever attempt your theme again, after testing it for several hours with a clear failure. Write better code, that’s all.

    Hi there,

    Thank you again for your reply. We’re not trying to pass the buck, it’s just that from our knowledge and testing those server settings are known as causing issues in some cases, and there isn’t something we can do from the theme regarding that, as it’s server related.
    But I totally understand how you’re felling, there’s no need to change the review if you’re not feeling it. Thank you for trying our theme, hope you find one that meets your needs.


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