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    Something odd is going on.

    I work on styling of themes on my local xampp installation, then when done styling etc. I load to the live server.

    Recently I downloaded the theme from the live server (via Filezilla) to another computer so that I could work on it locally (via a different local installation I set-up on another computer).

    The theme looks fine in Firefox, but in IE it looks totally messed-up. All the Divs are pushed down etc.

    I’ve downloaded the theme multiple times from the server and it is the same.

    I’ve done this before and it was fine, when I needed to work on a theme from a different computer and local installation. Not sure what is happening here.

    Any idea what is happening here?

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    Have you tried validating the theme’s markup & CSS?


    It is worth noting that I have a local install of the theme at home that looks fine. When I make dev changes I upload the new stylesheet etc. to the server.

    The weirdness happens if I download the theme from the server and try to use it on a new local installation.

    If I transfer the theme from my man local install (which should be the same as the one on the server) on a USB stick and then transfer it to a new computer with a xampp installation it works fine.

    Something seems to be happening when I try to download the theme from Filezilla. It’s strange to me.

    Ah. I got it. It looks like the commenting on the top of the header.php was screwy so it was pulling into the top before the doctype and messing stuff up.

    Interesting that the screwiness only showed up as it did.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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