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  • I wonder if somehow it would be possible to have an extra option for pages that does not only removes the sidebars (full-width option), but a complete empty page (or an assigned, by user designed, page where you could still have the header image or whatever).

    I ask this because I am coming accross several plugins I want to use, but they totally mess up the menu. No not worry not the wp standard menu (or maybe also, but I use PixoPoint).

    A total blank page (in a new tab/screen would be best) would solve many of these problem.

    I was also thinking of a child theme, but I never used that and am not sure if coraline supports it. Also would probably be overkill for just a few pages.

    Love coraline and thanks,

    Regards, Ron

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  • Hi again,

    I have been think more about this and for a quick fix all I need is a script/code/php that I add to the full-width-page.php so it does not call the menu code that is located in the header.php. It was yours,but now it is:
    div id=”pixopoint_menu” ?php exclude( ‘pixopiont_menu’ ) ?
    I left out the <> for script in the forum.
    I tried just deleting get_header and of course the header was gone, but well you can imagine …..

    Tried looking on the internet for some exclude code and trying some stuff, but I am no php code expert (even less then novice, but I try)

    So if that is possible as a quick fix, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and regards, Ron

    Got it !! Just an exclude code in the header is all it toke, so the first request is no longer valid because now can do it all with the full-width-page.php and the additional header code.

    /*do nothing*/

    As a replacement for calling the menu code

    Thanks and regards, Ron

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