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  • My new theme for WordPress is a Constructor.
    This is really constructor – you can change fonts, colors, background images etc (see screenshot on my blog (russian)).

    TODO List:

    1. change footer text (ver. 0.2)
    2. export settings (ver. 0.2)
    3. localization for Ukrainian
    4. slideshow with post content (like in some “premium” themes)

    If you want any other feature – reply to this topic…

    P.S. Sorry for my english

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  • 5. Add support of PHP4 in version 0.2

    Cool! too much white though I can change that. 😀

    Version 0.2.2 now aviable


    • change footer text
    • export settings (only as PHP file)
    • support of PHP4 (not tested)
    • new “example” theme with PSD source

    TODO List for next version (0.3):

    1. slideshow with post content (like in some “premium” themes)
    2. localization for Ukrainian

    3. Cache for css.php

    Warning!: Directory “/wp-content/themes/constructor/images/” is not writable.

    I’ve even chmod to 777 and same message, can you help? I see others are also searching this.


    Auminer, please check new version of Constructor, maybe fix (i can’t reproduce this is bug).

    I chose to show all images of layout.
    But it always shows “noimage” pic.

    I’ve no idea there is anything wrong.
    How to make it works?


    Theme Constructor use a first image from post. Image should be local, e.g.:

    <img src=""/>

    How do you get rid of the gray borders? Changing it in the CSS doesn’t seem to work! Thanks!

    i figured the above post out… now another question:

    How do I turn off the opacity setting completely?


    This probably isn’t theme specific, but I’d like to limit the width of the background gradient so that it has a margin on the left / right instead of stretching ALL the way across the screen.

    My site is

    i think I see it in this section of the css.php but I’m not sure hich values to adjust:

    /* Background images */

    if (isset($constructor[‘images’][‘body’][‘src’]) && !empty($constructor[‘images’][‘body’][‘src’])) {
    $body_bg = “background-image: url({$constructor[‘images’][‘body’][‘src’]});\n”
    .”background-repeat: repeat-0;\n”
    .”background-position: center top;\n”;

    If you’d point me in the right direction, i’d appreciat it.



    in next I will add two optional for opacity (none;color;dark opacity;light opacity)
    but now you can redeclare opacity style in CSS tab, like:

    .opacity {
        background:none !important

    in new version I will add options for body background image (see screenshot


    I’d like to remove the automatic color highlighting of the first letter in each paragraph. How do I do that?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 159 total)
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