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  • great great great themes again ppl 🙂 I really love some of them, and followed this competition on the foot 🙂 When is the next one ?? *grin*

    In a year, after the next major release. 🙂

    If I’m not mistaken, the biggest WP 1.5 themes list can be found at:

    How To Blog

    The current count is 255 themes!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Please ….. this is not a competition to see who has the most okay ?

    Alex = official
    How to blog = a list
    Shadow’s site = see them working

    Sorry Podz.

    No longer…I have taken them all down and they can fight amongst themselves from now on.

    I have tried to offer something to the community and it’s been a complete waste of time. I won’t make that mistake again.

    why do you think it was a waste of time shadow? I would have kept it going or integrate it into the WRC

    on the upside, Shadow I think you did a good job and was not aware of any bickering/fighting.

    macmanx everybody knows there is a laundry list at Codex. But there is no need to repeat the uri. Shadows resource is infinitely superior and desrves a little credit, respect and frankly support. Alex King in my book is not official. It was a comp. Its ended. Period. And it ran according to very strict rules. To some extent WP has *sub contracted themes*. Please let the experts at galleries do their thing. Beside which I seriously question the wisdom of WP hosting a gallery on Codex which has no quality control. That is true in the other galleries but for the *official* list it could be much better. Hints have been dropped about this kind of thing by shadow and others but nobody seems to be listening.

    It’s not my intention to add to any noise, but I’d like to say that your page was a fantastic resource for the community Shadow and that it’ll be missed.

    Your efforts were appreciated.

    I love “Connections.” Green looks so good.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Root… wtf was that all about? Hell, it took me forever to get Shadow to forgive me for the past. Why do you feel you need to pickup the flag? I both respect and support Shadow’s list.

    Beside which I seriously question the wisdom of WP hosting a gallery on Codex which has no quality control.

    I am the quality control of that list. I’m sorry I haven’t been doing a noticeable job. Maybe you should try looking once and a while. Watch the Codex’s recent changes, for example. And, knowing that this forum is full of users who actively contribute to the Codex, I hope you’re not suggesting that the Codex has no quality control.

    That is true in the other galleries but for the *official* list it could be much better. Hints have been dropped about this kind of thing by shadow and others but nobody seems to be listening.

    Yeah, I’ve heard. Do you think I’m deaf? I also have a life and a job. Do you want to pay me? Pay me $15/hour at 30 hours/week and I’ll fix up the Codex gallery for you. For now, I’m going to continue doing what I can with my “laundry list” as you so elegantly put it. And by that, I mean continue to monitor theme additions, add themes whenever they’re announced, and from now on attempt to be as noticeable and annoying as possible so that you are very much aware that there is some quality control going on. Yes, this will all be done on my free time. And, until you pay me, I will receive no money for my efforts.

    Root, think about why I post this link:
    No, go ahead, click the link and actually think about it. I post that link because it links to all theme lists. Now, if I lack support and respect because I choose to let all theme lists have equal exposure, then I will have to re-think my views on support and respect. Perhaps you would care to enlighten me, since you have so much support and respect for other lists as well, such as my “laundry list”.

    Now, onto more civilized things, I will repeat that Shadow’s list is a great resource. And, Root, try not to be the bearer of other people’s old and buried grudges.

      Please ….. this is not a competition to see who has the most okay ?

    Podz, I wasn’t implying anything of the sort. I merely saw links to other WP 1.5 theme lists in this thread, because of a request from pmorcos, and thought I’d leave the one I find the most comprehensive. Period.

    Macmanx, I have to admit that I didn’t follow that link to see the list I brought up is there already. I think you’ve done a great job acknowledging the efforts of the community.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Pezastic, thank you for your compliment.

    Can I just jump in here and say my little piece and then perhaps we can all move on.

    I may have reacted too strongly in this thread but it came from a whole range of factors and culminated at this point. My apologies for causing any ‘tension’.

    I set up the WordPress reference Centre some time ago, basically because at that time, I wanted a place to keep all of my links and resources for anything to do with making a WP site, all in one place.

    As things happened, it grew and a few others started to get involved but at all times we kept it relatively neutral and tried to keep it as simple as possible – a resource – nothing more.

    A few sites started to pick up on it and as we moved on to newer versions of WP, I recently spent a bit of time, like 24 hours straight almost, tidying it up, adding more resources and just trying to make it a good point for reference in finding things.

    I had also spent a great deal of time compiling the Unofficial WP 1.5 Themes List which I hosted on my own blog and mirrored on the WRC. A few minor issues developed between macmanx and myself during this time but were soon resolved. From what I can see, macmanx is trying very hard to maintain the list within the Codex. I highly respect him for this but I personally [note: just my opinion at a personal level] do not like the Codex much. It confuses me and I find myself giving up on things. This is most likely related to my low intellect. I really do not know or care. As I say, it is just how I operate at a personal level.

    A few other people started to appear on the scene in relation to the themes list and before we knew it, there seemed to be this ‘race’ between lists to have the biggest or best. Now at this point, I was beginning to think – it’s time I let the list go and move onto other pursuits. I offered to work with one of the list keepers but she declined and said she preferred to do things in her own way. No problem there I thought to myself – each to his/her own. [This may make things clearer here]

    I had trouble with servers during all of this which complicated matters considerably. In the end I decided to move the list from my personal blog and keep it within the WRC so that it is neutral and nothing more than a resource for myself and others.

    So, can I please say.

    1. I am not remotely interested in being involved in a theme list race. The credit for all these themes should only go to the designers themselves. All I do is keep a list.

    2. I try to display every one of the themes at the WRC using Ryan’s Themeswitcher. Over 80% work as soon as you drop them in the folder but a few create headaches. I can do without headaches so I tend to leave those ones out. I asked Alex King if he would like to share his theme browser with me so that people could have an easy way to view the themes but he declined. If you would like to help make something in this area it would be much appreciated.

    3. The WRC is open to anyone and everyone. Use it or ignore it. It makes no difference to me to be honest. We are always welcoming new contributors and it is not there to compete with any other resource. It is simply a resource, presented in a simple, clean fashion.

    I hope this clears up any issues and hope we can now return to the happy pursuit of running our own sites 🙂

    shadow: In my opinion, the WRC is much more than just a theme list. Keep up the good work and your effort is much appreciated!

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