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    MacManX’s top eight (because it’s hard to choose) out of the competition entrants (in alphabetical order):

    Gespaa, Green Marinée, Minema Plus, Plain Vanilla, Ocadia, RDC, Rin, and Wuhan.

    Alpha order: Akhdian, DixieBelle, Ocadia, Rin, Wuhan.

    I’m pleased to see my theme is in MacManx’s list (though personally, I like my Gentle Calm theme more) but I have to say Rin is probably my pick of the tournament.

    Good work by everyone involved and great news for anyone using WP!

    My list: Borderline Chaos, Spring Fairy, China Red, Framefake, Museum. Great job, all!

    Gespaa-2 (which I’ve been using since day one of its release, thanks Phu_Ly/ifelse), Blix, Rin, Notebook (for its beautiful, original simplicity), and most definitely Plain Vanilla (in no particular order). Excellent work by a very talented group of people. I am very envious. 🙂

    (was mx4 in the contest?)

    Without a doubt Green Marinée numero uno…

    followed by:

    2. zen minimalist
    3. Borderline Chaos
    4. Connections
    5. Fasttrack

    Dixie Belle to me is the best that I have seen, Ocadia is clean and nice but something bothers me about the graphic running thru the sidebar from the first time I saw it. It is almost like a border that would run thru words. Fading Flowers, nice color scheme.

    I love it too, but in case you didn’t notice Green Marinée unfortanately has a flaw (at least in Camino/Firefox) in the nested category list (the background image is vertical aligned middle for the parent category, putting it in the middle of the child list).

    In no particular order – Rin, Blix, Minima Plus, Gespaa and Connections. I based my opinion on the flexibility of the code (well commented and easily modified) as well as overall chutzpah. I’ve used the first four themes myself with various changes on a few sites and found the experience enjoyable and almost frustration free – which is exactly what I look for in a theme.

    That being said Holy Moley that’s a lot of themes from a hell of a community. Thanks to all who have added to the richness of the WordPress experience – diversity is the key to life in any community, you’ve made us all proud to be part of this one.


    I’m glad eragle liked my Zen Minimalist theme. Here are my top five, drop dead gorgeous picks:

    1. Coffee Cup
    2. White as Milk
    3. Desert Sand
    4. Dixie Belle
    5. Fleur de Lys

    Theme contest? What theme contest?

    Moderator James Huff


    Yeah, I though it was a “Theme Competition”.

    I guess it’s a Good Thing™ moose slapping is illegal in these parts.

    Ah, but moose spanking isn’t! :p

    Hmm. Mainly I looked for themes that I fit what I want in a page layout, and had background pics I could change. Got 29 of them in my jump drive. Probably wont be able to try them out until next weekend, but maybe have time for some on Tuesday night.

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