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  • Alex is there any set comp spec for how wide the sidebar needs to be ?

    Nope, there doesn’t even need to be a sidebar.

    Can’t wait to see what everyone’s come up with !!!!

    : )

    I’ve seen some of the entries at AK’s site…..
    I now suffer from ThemeEnvy….. I suspect that someon will now create a multi-coloured pill to cure TE, and that spam emails will now read: “Suffer fr0m Theme Envi?” or “St0p fee||1ng ThemeEn.vy”

    Seriously though, I see these things that people come up with, then look at my own design, then want to just throw myself under a fast moving beer truck. 1) HOW do you do it? 2) How can I get that kind of a look too, w/o it looking or feeling like a clone?


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    TG – you have had fame ….. remember “TG’s code” ?


    Who’s gonna determine the winner? I definitely wouldn’t mind helping =)

    Twelve Angry Men 🙂

    podz – “TG’s Code” a theme does not make….. I’m not looking for fame…. I just want a nice looking theme that fits with my blog. I want to do a re-launch when I upgrade to WP1.5 with a new look and everything…. but I don’t want something that looks like a clone of something else. I want something new & unique. Problem is, I haven’t got a single graphic-art bone in my body – it’s all clip art – yuck!. ;P

    Sigh, what’s a gnome to do?
    Oh, hey look, my pills have arrived!


    I feel your pain, dude.

    So if you are using the drop down theme switcher, and you use a fixed width menu; which you will be doing if you use properly executed floats, and if the switcher reaches about 400 characters in width, as it has done, your design is going to bork right ? As some of the entries already are. And if the theme switcher has suddenly doubled in width just after you submit your entry – you can not prevent it. So let me put the question another way. If I do not want my design to look butt ugly on the comp *how wide might the theme switcher become* ?

    <edit – dumb…. blond AND senior…. Sorry!>

    SO many themes I HATE IT!!!! j/k This is the best thing since the Microwave! HAHA

    @root: You could always put the theme switcher into your header or another part of your design which isn’t limited by pixels. Seeing how if a user is to download the theme, they most likely wouldn’t have the theme switcher enabled, they wouldn’t see a drop down menu to begin with.

    Root, I put in a theme for the competition, used the dropdown for Theme Switcher, have a fixed-width menu, and didn’t bork a thing.

    It’s called CSS.

    url ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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