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  1. fabthi
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am on the path to start a photoblog and I am now at the stage of choosing a theme to use.
    Before to go on exposing my issue I better add that I am a novice with WP therefore my questions might look trivial or naive, so please bear with me!
    Besides any aesthetic consideration, my main concern is about the chances I can have to customize as much as possible the theme I will pick.
    When I browse inside WP themes directory, there are some options (Feature filters) available to refine the search.
    I understand the overall meaning of them, but I can't really tell how they will affect the customization features.
    To clarify my thoughts, I think I should better describe what I am looking for:
    -adding a custom logo and/or header
    -changing background color
    -changing font type
    -organizing the Archive page to display posts as a thumbnails grid
    More generally, I'd like to better understand how deep customizations are achievable on free themes and how the theme selected affects customizations possibilities.
    Thanks for all the help you'll give me

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