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  • I have been having this problem ever since i am running WP as a blog host. My theme changes automatically to the default WP theme after a couple of days of me changing it to something else. This has been happening with a couple of difference themes.
    I have looked for support around here but no one seems to be having a definite answer. One suggestion was to change the name of theme that i want, to ‘default’, and delete the default WP theme.
    I did that, but when time came for the theme to change to the default WP, it could not find it since i had deleted it) and my site just displayed a blank page instead. So essentially it was not just looking for the name ‘default’ but the attributes as well.

    I think this is such a big issue that there has to be a fix for it. At the same time, I think that not everyone is having this issue or else there would be resolution for this.
    Btw, does anyone know if this issue is fixed in 2.2?

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  • I have the same problem…
    I hope that someone out there can help

    the someone is called “Mr. Search”

    moshu, if that answer refers to me, than as i mentioned in my original post i have already looked around several times WITHOUT any satisfactory and/or permanent solution

    No, it wasn’t referring to you (aamert). I am not following closely this issue because it has never happened to me… but last time I’ve read about it – it was a faulty plugin.

    I haven’t come across any suggestion which points to a faulty plugin.
    BUT i did try it…
    This morning I deactivated all plugins and it changed to my default theme quicker then ever – in a few hours.

    I remember some kind of “mobile” plugin and something similar.

    However, if it happened to you even with disabled plugins, you seem to have this syndrome:
    (search the bug reports maybe there is more over there)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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