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  • my site is: (writte in chinese), it’s running a copy of wordpress 2.0.1,

    the follow story has happend 3 times!

    someday I set theme to “Blix 0.9.1”, works fine.
    but the day after that, the theme change to “WordPress Default 1.5” automatically.

    i’ve changed my wordpress password, but this strange thing didn’t stop.

    and there not such a problem when i running wordpress 2.0.0

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  • I had the same problem on two sides after updating from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1.
    I donĀ“t use “Blix” but a own theme.

    After getting shirty i did the following (dirty) solution:
    Deleted the default theme in the themes-directory and linked my one with a link called “default”

    rm -rf default
    ln -s mytheme default


    thanks so much!

    but that’s not the real solution. I’m also experiencing this problem. I think there is a bug in wp2.0.1 that makes the theme revert to the default template.

    does somebody know the solution for this?



    yes, this issue is happening for me as well. it’s driving me nuts…

    any ideas?



    there is a 2.0.2 version you can try upgrading to – i know it was made to fix a number of “buggy” issues… whether it’s that one or not, i’m not sure – but it can’t hurt to try it.



    I’m using 2.0.2

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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