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Theme changed by itself????

  • Last night I looked at my site and all was ok.
    For some reason when I got a mail from one of my readers, I notice that the theme has changed back to the default??? What is up with that? Is it possible for it to change by itself. I checked on my server to see if anyone has logged in other than me however I cannot find anything. I changed my password just in case.

    Is this possible and why?

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  • I’ve noticed this happen when I’ve been working on my site’s CSS file. Sometimes if I begin an upload to the server and refresh the site before file has finished loading then it reverts to the default theme.

    I guess that it’s possible that a file in your theme directory became flawed somehow and WP reverted to the default as a result.

    I could be completely off track here though.

    I have also had the theme return to the default. This seems to happen when I have been drilling down into the stats area. This has happened enough times that I just automatically check the theme before I leave the site.

    What I now need to do is record exactly how this is happening.


    Well, I am glad to know that I am not alone. I will also, try to recreate the situation.

    Please keep me posted.

    There are several causes.
    1. A bug where the theme resets if someone attempts to access a page just at the moment that you are editing/saving a theme template.
    2. If WordPress encounters a fault with the template (maybe in a seldom used page) it is designed not to crash but instead to reset to the default theme.
    3. A fault in a plugin may also cause WP to reset the theme.

    For some reason when I got a mail from one of my readers, I notice that the theme has changed back to the default???

    Was the email sent normally or was it sent via your site? Do you have a plugin that handles email from readers? Or maybe a “contact us” page?

    I have noticed this with Alex King’s WP Mobile Plugin. The newer one, NOT the older one. It is supposed to detect when someone surfs in on a mobile device and serve up a leaner stylesheet. But I recall there being a few issues where it would capriciously reset the theme. You may want to do a search for something like “default theme reset mobile” or something and see if that might help you troubleshoot.

    And yes, WP is designed to revert to the default theme (which admittedly is better than a blank or hosed page) when something goes afoul.

    @obscure- Yes, and email was sent from my site to me from someone leaving a comment. I then checked it and noticed it.
    I also have a contact me page but that wasn’t used at that time.

    @jonimueller- Yes, to you as well. I have Alex King’s Mobile Plugin. I will check out as well.
    Agreed about ” better than a blank or hosed page)

    Thanks for all of the help all. I will look into that.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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