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  • Hi, I inadvertently changed my theme to Twenty Ten and want to change it back to what it was. Can I do this? Hoping someone can help me pleeeeease.

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  • Just activate the theme you wasn’t to use.

    ….the only theme that is appearing in my manage themes or install themes is the one I inadvertently clicked on. My previous one has disappeared.
    Hoping someone out there can help me

    …by the way, thanks WPyogi

    I have a back up folder. Is there a way I can load its contents on to get the old theme back (without losing two years worth of posting, he says)

    Is your content missing from the “new” (current) theme?

    Your back-up should have the missing theme in it, yes. You should be able to look in the themes folder and copy the theme into the current site via FTP.

    Yes, I have all my content. It is only the “skin” that is missing.
    Can you let me know how to copy the theme into the current site via http://FTP…….I promise, I’ll never get click happy again!
    Thanks for your support

    LOL – it’s okay, everyone makes a few of these – and you are one of the luckier ones – as you have a backup : )! Do you FTP access set up? See Where is your backup? COPY the theme folder from the backup to your local computer – then via FTP – copy that theme folder into the “themes” folder in your WP install.

    The files structure should be:

    site root
             whatever themes are there now
             put the "lost" theme in here

    Do be careful where you are copying things so that you don’t overwrite anything existing – just in case. Or better yet, copy your wp-content to your local computer (in a safe place) before you do any shuffling/copying of files around.

    Hi Yogi
    Arghhhhhhhhhh, I can’t work this out. There is no reference to a theme in my backup folder and now I’m wondering if I even backed it up properly. If I simply instal a new theme (the clasic one I had there before) will I lose everything I’ve written? As I wrote, all the material is still there ( I’ve just lost my earlier template/skin
    Is there a simple way to back up my content ( and check I have)
    Sorry to bother you with this (believe me, I wish I didn’t have to!)

    Your content should be fine – but what’s in the back-up file? Maybe it’s just the database? What theme were you using? Had you made changes to the theme files (i.e. .php or .css ) – aside from changes you made in the Dashboard?

    Im not sure what’s in the backup…very small files though ie P3-compat-admin.css …and four similar. I was using “classic”
    Um, I don’t think I made any changes to the theme files but ( as you might guess) non of this is my strength.
    I just don’t know where the old theme disappeared to or if I can get it back and if I start agin, I want to ensure I back it up properly
    Oh dear

    It looks like this may be what you had?

    As you can see, it’s pretty outdated, and likely incompatible with current WP core.

    it looks like it may have been one of those (to be frank I can’t remember). Maybe I’m just best to import the themeforest one you sent me and refine it?
    Do I just click and load it?
    Do you know if there is a clean theme which shows photos and a short introductory blurb that links to a bigger story?
    Never again will I go pressing $$##@! buttons
    Thanks for your suport.

    Actually, the second theme you sent me looks fine so I might try moving to that.
    Please tell me its simple to do!

    …do you know if I can I just use its Blog?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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