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    I’ve some minor trouble in the admin area for a while. Nothing deal-breaking, but annoying nevertheless. For example, when I’m in a the edit post screen, the status bar at the bottom of the screen will get stuck at “saving draft . . . ” The autosave will work, but I won’t get any feedback — I guess it’s an ajax problem.

    I thought it might be some database issue, so just to level set everything, I deleted the db and reinstalled. It turns out that the problem is actually my theme, a heavily modified one I found somewhere here, I think. When I switch to Twenty-Eleven, the problem I mentioned above disappears.

    Any ideas on how or what part of a theme can have an impact on the admin area?


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  • esmi


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    Any and all parts of a theme can affect the admin area. Try stripping out all javascript or jquery from the theme.

    Esmi, you have no idea how many months I’ve been trying to figure this out and futzing with the db and trying out all sorts of things. Although it didn’t turn out to be a Javascript issue, your suggestion made me go through all the files, one by one. It turned out I had dropped something into the functions.php file ages ago that had to do with custom css in the editor. Once I took that out everything went back to normal. So thanks for motivating me to look through everything.

    And although a database refresh (a pain, by the way, if you have a lot of settings) wasn’t entirely necessary, it did fix a few other weird things.



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    Glad I was able to help – albeit indirectly. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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