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  • Hi there. I am fairly new to the coding side of using WP and have scoured the boards and internet to find a solution to my problem, unsuccessfully.

    I created my WP site a few weeks ago using the Matala Theme, v. 1.5.8 I believe when it called for an update.

    My site is

    After the updte, I lost all rendering on my posts only. You can see a screen shot of what happened here:

    Pages are fine. Example:

    I spent a few days searching and learning about PHP and copy/pasted some alternative ‘index’ and ‘style’ and ‘single’ code into my theme files, replacing the Matala code and found that some of the rendering on the posts showed, but not perfectly. Here’s a screen shot of what the posts looked like after modifying the code w/another theme’s:

    I know it’s a theme issue bc every other theme works fine. I even found this link: with all of the revision history for the theme and tried to ‘go back in time’ by copy/pasting all of the coding, file by file into the theme files on my server; I did this for each revision history, with no luck. Revision v’s 1.0 & 1.1 did alter the rendering, but not to anything better.

    Sorry if all of this long or windy, but wanted you to have all of the details. I’m at a loss. I know the quick answer is switch themes, but this is the one I want and already began my marketing around… I used it as a template for creating my email marketing, ebay/etsy store styles, business cards, etc… In the meantime, I have switched my theme over so at least my site will be visible. If you need me to switch it back to Matala let me know. I’m not super savvy about coding and the like, but can follow directions quite well, so let me know if you need more from me.

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • The screeshots you are showing look like maybe there are broken divs in the theme somewhere or maybe your posts have something broken that is not allowing the site read and render the css correctly.

    however that is hard to figure working from screenshots so maybe if you were to put a copy of blog somewhere else so that you aren’t hurting your visitors.

    but the other thought would be to completely delete the theme from your themes folder and reupload a brand new version.

    also is it the same in all browsers or only some? some browsers tend to be more forgiving when it comes to broken divs…

    it may also be a plugin having issues with your theme so maybe disabling all of your plugins and seeing if that fixes and if it does then turning them back on one by one til it breaks again…

    Thanks aphill70,

    I really appreciate your reply and assistance. I am away from my computer, but wanted to touch base.

    I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the theme (a few times, lol) and even ‘deactivated’ WP via my server, hence starting over. No changes.

    I’ve disabled every plugin and activated one at a time to look for a cuplprit, none found.

    Once I get back to my computer, I will put a copy of the blog up and post the link.

    In the meantime, thanks again!

    Sorry I didn’t get this update posted sooner on this. I went ahead and activated the Matala theme so you could get a look at what’s happening.

    Also worth mentioning, same rendering issue in all three major browsers, ff, chrome & ie.

    I look forward to hearing what the issue may be and getting my site back up and running!


    well it looks like your home page is just cutting off so my guess is that there is some sort of php error causing it to terminate before all the output is genereated.

    if you can locate your error_log and look at the most recent ones that may help us.



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    what is the code in content.php?

    it seems that the theme is calling the header.php, and then it calls loop.php, which in turn call content.php, where it ends;

    can you paste the full code of content.php into a and post the link to it here?

    Here’s the content.php via link:


    I was hoping I could get someone to look at the content.php per the link above sometime soon. I am anxious to get my site back up and running. Any help you can provide is very much appreciated!

    Ok so i tested your content.php on my site with my copy of the theme and it worked just fine.

    have you had a chance to find the error_log?

    that will probably be the fastest way to see what is causing problem.

    Thank you for testing it. I looked everywhere for an error log, with no luck. Any idea where it may be located? I read a post about inserting some code into one of the .php’s to produce an error log, but have not done so to date. Please advise.

    If you contact your host they should be able to help you locate the log.

    typically if something is catastrophically failing like it is php is automatically generating the log.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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