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    Hi Caroline, I’m using Buttercream theme. firstly LOVE the theme, thank you so much for making it. 2 quick questions:

    1) I’d like to edit the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ links that navigate between pages when you scroll to the end of a page’s worth of posts but cannot find where to do so. I’d like them to say ‘Older posts’ and ‘newer posts’or something just to be a bit clearer. Can you tell me where to make these changes?

    2) I’ve noticed when you hover over any hyperlink eg, tags (I’ve got tag cloud widget in my footer), pages on the fixed menu bar at the bottom of screen, post titles, the header image that you can click on to get back ‘home’ – anywhere – it brings up a hovering URL at the bottom left hand corner of the PC screen. This is a bit distracting especially on things like post titles where it can be quite a long URL. Can I switch this functionality off so that this bottom left hand tooltip doesn’t appear and how please?

    Thanks so much, it’s a really terrific theme.


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  • Hi Sam,

    You can change the Previous/Next navigation titles in inc/template-tags.php, starting around line 30 (there are a couple places in this file you’ll need to change).

    The second thing is your browser, not something controlled by the theme. I’m guessing you can change it in your browser preferences.

    Hope this helps!

    Forget what I wrote, im going wrong…

    Thanks, egado, this is a good tip. But I’m not advising she change anything within core WordPress files. This is a file within a particular theme.

    (Ideally you’d use a child theme to make any changes to a theme, but this particular user is already making changes to the main theme in another place anyway.)

    Egado, no worries. 🙂

    Caroline, I added the navigation to the Buttercream theme through the Menu page. It took out the footer. How can I get that back in?

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