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  • All,

    I have been tinkering around with this theme for a friend to try to add side bars to both sides of the page for her. I am not an expert at coding, but google is my friend. However the way this theme is laid out, I am having issues trying to get it to recognize both side bars.

    Based from guides I found online and looking at the code, I am pretty sure it is possible to activate both the right and left sidebar, by creating another side bar in the array. I tried that by putting it in the fuctions.php

    [code moderated - use the pastebin for any code over the forum limit of 10 lines]

    As you can see, I know have created two vertical side bars.

    I then went and created a second sidebar1.php to have the same code (except took out the menu) as the original.

    $options = get_option('brandnewday_theme_options');
    $bnd_sidebaroptions = $options['sidebaroptions'];
    $bnd_quickblog = $options['simpleblogmode'];
    <ul id="sidebar" class="sidebar" <?php if ( $bnd_sidebaroptions == "none" || $bnd_quickblog == 1 ) { echo "style='display: none;'"; } ?>>
    <?php if ( !dynamic_sidebar( __( 'Vertical Sidebar1' , 'brand-new-day' ) ) ) : ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    When I went into the wordpress ui, I was able to add widgets and the sidebar works...however, I cant get it to go to the right if the primary is on the left.

    I event went as far as going into the theme options file and adding the option to select right and left side bars (to make it easier for my friend to switch between them) however my php coding experience is next to zero so I am not sure how the theme options is calling on the side bar files to them work with the css to put the side bars on the left and the right.

    [code moderated - use the pastebin]

    So essentially, I am trying to understand how the theme options file works with the index file and the css for this theme so I can adjust it so there is an option for sidebars on both sides of the posts....I feel I am very close and just missing a few lines of code to do this.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    CSS classes for the different layout arrangements are added to the body tag in header.php. It’s likely you need to experiment with the CSS to get the sidebars and content column aligned properly.

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