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  • I have this problem also. Looked in , header.php, footer.php, functions.php .
    I don’t know where this URL is created. I can’t proceed with development until I get the scripts to load.
    Does anyone know where the <script> tags are generated?

    On a note also, I installed another theme, Constellation, and it to does the same thing. I’m assuming its a boilerplate thing since it uses that as well.

    Please help!

    @timtoo & @aaron T. Grogg

    Open up this file:


    and add the slashes in front of the link and scripts shown bellow:

    line 361-

    echo '<!--[if IE ]><link rel="stylesheet" href="'.BP_THEME_URL.'/css/ie.css'.$cache.'"><![endif]-->'.PHP_EOL;

    line 371-

    echo '<script src="' .BP_THEME_URL. '/js/modernizr.js'.$cache.'"></script>'.PHP_EOL;

    line 381-

    echo ' <script>!window.ieshiv && document.write(unescape(\'%3Cscript src="' .BP_THEME_URL. '/js/ieshiv.js'.$cache.'"%3E%3C/script%3E\'))</script>'.PHP_EOL;

    line 390-

    echo '<script src="' .BP_THEME_URL. '/js/respond.js'.$cache.'"></script>'.PHP_EOL;

    line 402-

    echo '<script>window.jQuery || document.write(unescape(\'%3Cscript src="' .BP_THEME_URL. '/js/jquery.js'.$cache.'"%3E%3C/script%3E\'))</script>'.PHP_EOL;

    line 410-

    echo '<script src="' .BP_THEME_URL. '/js/plugins.js'.$cache.'"></script>'.PHP_EOL;

    line 418-

    echo '<script src="' .BP_THEME_URL. '/js/script.js'.$cache.'"></script>'.PHP_EOL;

    also the new version of admin-menu.php (3.4.4) fixes this which can be found here :


    Thanks for finding that fix and sharing it.

    for this project ( short deadline ) I went back to ‘Bones’
    with this fix I will give Boilerplate Theme another go.


    Theme Author Aaron T. Grogg


    @timtoo & @cmleese:

    Thank you both, and sorry for not getting back to you earlier, not sure why this forum doesn’t email authors, I just don’t “go fishing” on here enough… 🙂

    Anyhow, yes, the / was missing but has been repaired, but the issue with the 404ing script.js is an issue that is discussed in both the WP Admin page as well as the readme.txt.

    Basically, in order to prevent files that developers might customize from being overwritten when a theme/plug-in is updated, the files that ships is titled script-starter.js and style-starter.css. The notes state you should a copy, renaming it as script.js and style.css, and make your changes to those files; they are the ones that the theme/plug-in applies.

    Then, when the theme/plug-in is updated, the “-starter” file is updated, allowing developers to manually merge the two. The manual part sucks, but I can’t come up with a better method to avoid overwrites…

    Any thoughts?


    Theme Author Aaron T. Grogg


    @all: I am marking this as resolved, please notify me if you are still experiencing this problem.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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