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  • Hi everybody. The last 2 weeks i am working day and night on the new Version of Bloxpress. Bloxpress is for you visitors what Widgets is for you as Admin.

    It features drag and drop functionality right on your page, offering a simple content-menu for your visitors to choose stuff from and apply it directly on the page using Ajax. Furthermore Bloxpress is modular and features a simple API entirely written in Javascript to apply its functions to other themes or styles.

    What i am doing actually is creating a highly dynamic javascript codebase using the latest technology while also keeping an eye on the portability and also on acessibility.

    For example: The System features graceful javascript degration. Means that even users without JS will be able to use your blog. There is zero to none inline javascript. All codebits and functions are outsourced in favor to not disturb the semantic of your content.

    I am close to have it final. Currently still improving the codebase and thinking out new functions. Once done i will demonstrate the real power within and show you how easily you can add – aswell as develope – new content for your visitors to play with.

    Don’t be irretated how the Theme looks like, or that there are only two draggable columns. Bloxpress is able to handle a unlimited number of blocks and columns and can be included to any theme.

    I hope you will like it and also that you help me improving whats actually there by reporting issues on the bugtracker or simply post in the comments.

    Have fun! – main page – demo install – bugtracker

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  • I really like bloxpress ’cause it lets visitors arrange the page as they want to.

    I will help you out reporting bugs or anything.


    I too have been trying to use this theme for some time now. I can help with what you might need (bugs, testers). A couple of things, hoe do you make a new page in bloxpress? I have some plugins that i am using that i would like to add, how to do that?

    This theme is way different from the old one. It has been entirely rewritten and therefore has nothing to do with the old version. just forget the old version and try this one when it gets released. I think that should help.

    If you want to help then test the demo-page in your browser and see if it works for you. If you find anything that is wrong just post here or in the comments at the demoblog (Or preferebly use the bugtracker). Thanks.

    It works great in Mac Safari (your posting). Very impressive.

    However, running it on my test server, I get some errors for lines 85 and 86 of:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/jimpogo/jimsite-www/blogWordpress/wp-content/themes/bloxpress/themes/default/header.php:10) in /home2/jimpogo/jimsite-www/blogWordpress/wp-content/themes/bloxpress/code/bp-layout_gen.php on line 85 (and 86)

    Okay maybe i didn’t made myself clear enough in the first post. I will remove the download of the OLD VERSION which is not called Bloxpress2 and not subject of this discussion. The version i am talking about is NOT AVAILABLE YET and will be released SOON.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    “this bug from old bloxpress 0.4 is haunting me.”

    Subject is Bloxpress 2 and the DEMO of the latest build

    Right! The demo looks great!

    this is so far the best theme I come accross. Does it support widgets?

    not at the moment.. but you will have another fine way to get excatly what widgets does, only within the theme options. I tried to get the API to work, but what widget provides hardly incorperates with how Bloxpress works.

    BUT! Bloxpress has its own Widget-API. Widgets in Bloxpress are the “blocks”, short ‘Blox’.. you can have as many blocks as you like, as many columns in any theme you please and i will continously write new block-widgets based on the Bloxpress-API.

    The difference between Widget Plugin and Bloxpress is that your visitors can “do the widget thing” too. For you as owner you will get an admin menu that offers basicly the same functionality as the Widget plugin. I guess you wont miss it after all. You can still sort your content.. However.. it doesn’t make all that sense because you vistors will overthrow it. Thats why i call the admin-layout a “preset” and this basicly only reflects what Bloxpress is all about. Flexibility for your visitors.

    so… Widgets wont be supported for now since Bloxpress has its own widget system. Maybe in some crazy way i can hack my way around it but at the moment there is more importantly the Codebase to be completed.

    This is all a whole different area compared to other themes. Youll see. Too much to explain now, got work to do 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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