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    I may just be a newbie, but do I have to use code in all my posts to get the page break? Not a problem, just want to know if there is an easier way to format posts.

    Also, I have my “Sharing” settings fixed, but they don’t seem to show up on this theme. I am using a different plugin, but didn’t know if there was a way to get around this also.

    Love the theme!

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  • I can only answer to your first question…

    Have you tried using the ‘Insert More Tag’ (Atl-Shift-T) in the post editor?

    Just a thought. If you knew about that already, my apologies.



    @aprilcoen please follow the link

    Thank you so much, both of you. I guess I didn’t use the right wording. I want to have a line break, not a page break. Do I need to type in the code <br/ >&nbsp; every time I want a space between paragraphs? Does that make sense?

    I do appreciate your willingness to help. Thank you!

    You put a space between paragraphs by just hitting return in the TinyMCE post/page editor and making sure the CSS is right (i.e. the margins and padding on paragraphs) in your theme. Hitting return will cause the text to be between <p></p> tags, which is the proper way to do paragraphs.

    If you just want a line break (which is what <br /> means), then you hit Shift-Return in the editor. You shouldn’t use line breaks for paragraph breaks. They’re two different things.



    I may be having a similar issue after changing my theme to BlogoLife. All my old posts lost their space between paragraphs. Is there any way to fix all my posts without having to go through and put another return between each paragraph again?


    Yes Wilktone, that is my problem. I have switched to a different theme until this issue is resolved, but I really LOVE the BlogoLife theme, so I hope it is resolved soon!

    I found one possible workaround. In the CSS editor look for this:

    .entry-content p {

    I added the following just below:


    Now all my paragraphs are back.

    Now if I can only figure out how to get my block quotes back now too…

    They just did an update, I’m not sure what it did, but I’m hoping it means I can go back to the theme. I just posted an entry so I’m going to wait to try it tomorrow. Thanks for the above advice!

    I have the same issue. No paragraph breaks and no blockquoting. Nice looking theme if you don’t use blockquotes and only have one paragraph.

    Just create a child theme, and add rules to your child theme’s style sheet that give you the spacings you need.

    If you provide a link to your site and a description of the spacings you want, we could be a bit more specific.



    I was able to fix both issues on my site by going into the editor and changing a couple of things. I don’t exactly recall how I fixed the block quotes, but if I remember it involved just deleting something.

    My web page.

    Create a child theme? Well beyond my payscale. I need concise step by step instructions.

    What I’m looking for is when you hit “enter” it begins another paragraph with a space the size of or a hair bigger than the fonts. Exactly like wilktone’s site. That’s perfect if you ask me.

    I also don’t get blockquotes when I hit the button.

    The site I want to use this theme on is here. I am out of town until late this afternoon and have an auto poster running now so you would need to go back to last Wednesday or Thursday to get a good view of written posts and how I’d like Blog0Life to be formatted.

    Thanks much for your time and help.

    Well, you don’t absolutely have to create a child theme, but if you don’t an update to your theme could overwrite your changes. So in future you’ll have to update your theme manually which, IMHO, is more difficult than creating a child theme.

    Or you could decide to just risk it and update anyway. Or you could decide never to update, even for security fixes. It’s your call.

    The general answer is still the same. You need to create style rules to give you the effects you want. So you’ll probably need to create rules for the <p> selector in the circumstances you want such as when it’s a paragraph inside the main site content or something. And you’ll need to create a rule for block quotes to style them however you want them styled.

    I just took a look at your site. On the ‘Home’ page there is only one paragraph starting ‘1941…’ and ending ‘… Lakehurst, N.J.’ So adding paragraph rules won’t help on that page. There are paragraph breaks after ‘…News Service’ and after ‘…Lakehurst, N.J.’ and as you can see there is a gap—actually a bottom margin of 24px.

    So it seems to me that you need to put the paragraph breaks in as a first step.

    The same applies to the article headed, “The declaration and constitution with Larry Arnn”. The whole thing is just one paragraph with line breaks (<br />) instead of paragraphs.

    I couldn’t find any blockquotes offhand. If you point me to where some should be, I’ll take a look.



    Ok. CLICK HERE and this is basically how I’d like BlogoLife to look. Since I’m not savvy enough to do it, I am presently using Weaver 2010.

    Does this help at all?

    I just looked again at your site and, assuming it’s:

    … it looks OK to me now. That is, it looks like the way you say you want it to look, as far as I can tell.



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