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  • Edit the theme files and move the code that is used to display the date to above that code which displays the title. Yes, its that easy.

    Thank you so much. I’ll try that.

    Do you know how I can insert my logo where the Header text is located?

    Go it… no need to respond.

    Can you please let m know how you got your logo to display where the header text is located? thx

    go into the header.php
    then look for line(s): – then insert logo

    <header id=”branding”>
    <hgroup class=”fleft”>

    Thanks that did it

    I found the lines
    <header id=”branding”>
    <hgroup class=”fleft”>
    bit how do you insert the logo?

    add a blank line below those tags and insert your IMG tag like this

    <header id="branding">
    <hgroup class="fleft">
    <img src=/wp-content/uploads/XXX.png>

    Then save your file

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    i did, but it doesn’t work i dont have anymore text title, i just have a suqre indicating there should be an image there…

    here’s my code :

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    Did you upload the image to the correct folder?

    Is the image the correct size and format? Mine is 468 X 130 pixels and works fine



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    Then save your file

    1. That image markup is wrong.
    2. Never use relative urls or srcs in WordPress.

    i uploaded it from my WP librairy…
    my size is a bit smaller thant yours znd is in .jpg…?

    so what’s the goog image markup?



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    <img src="full_url_of_image" width="image_width_in_pixels" height="image_height_in_pixels" alt="alternative_text_for_image" />

    thanks Esmi logo’s in header!
    Further question… How do i manage to put it at the right of my text title?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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