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[Theme: Blaskan] Content/sidebar widths

  • I am working on a child-theme for Blaskan, and not making too many changes – BUT: There is a major thing I’d like to be able to fiddle with, but I don’t really find where to do it, and I’m afraid to screw up the responsivity of the theme.

    What I want to do it change the width of the content-area and the sidebar. I’m working with a wide layout with one sidebar, and find the content area a tiny bit too wide (but the narrow one is on the other hand way too narrow for my liking). I also would like to add some white space between the content/post area and the sidebar.

    I just don’t find where these things are specified in the css – I find padding on top of the sidebar, but nothing about the width…? I suspect this has to do with the responsiveness of the theme, but it should none the less be possible to fiddle with – shouldn’t it?

    I’m learning these things, so please go slow – OK?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I’m working with a wide layout with one sidebar, and find the content area a tiny bit too wide

    Can you link your website depicting this?

    Umm, no. I’m working locally on this, and my actual site uses a completely different (non-responsive) theme.

    I guess I could make a screenshot, but this is the standard settings that come with the theme options. I haven’t made any changes to the width settings yet – I’m pretty much asking “where do I start” with this. I don’t really see what good a screenshot would do.


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    Can you PasteBin your HTML and CSS for the web page, then link us it?

    Here’s the css – basically the same as the original theme css, as I said before I’ve only just started with some typographical changes.


    You ask for html – not sure what you’re referring to there. One of the template files for the theme?


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    • View your web page
    • Right click anywhere on the page (assuming you’re on Windows)
    • Left click on ‘View source’
    • Copy the entire contents of that pop-up window
    • Pastebin it.



    //Jenny 🙂

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    That’s odd, I don’t see a width defined, is this the problem?
    I’ve zoomed out quite a lot and your page expands with me
    http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c5g543e6 , ignore the left column.

    Your HTML seems to be invalid too, you have stuff that should be within your header, but are within your template.

    Well, my local version of the site runs on MAMP and functions like any other online WP-installation – I would guess the weirdness you’re experiencing comes from using HTML generated from “the browser’s version” of it. Plausible?

    And yes, the fact that I can’t find width specified anywhere IS my problem, and the reason I posted here. Where can this be hiding, if not specified in the css?

    (If it’s in one of the PHP-files, I’m doomed…!)


    Actually – I’ve found it myself. There’s a second .css-file in the original theme, that I had overlooked. It’s called Framework, and seems to have what I need.

    Still no guarantee I’ll manage to fiddle with it the way I want to, but at least now I know where to look. I might be back with follow-up questions.

    Thanks for trying anyways!



    Did you manage to find out how to alter the width of the content framework.css? I’m attempting to do exactly the same thing as you…

    Same here! I’ve been fiddling with the various “STRUCTURE MIN” areas, but so far my attempts have just thrown off the widget arrangement and created massive margins. Anyone have any luck with this?

    I need to know how to make my sidebar wider, too. I have a 300px ad there and it’s spilling off the side. Can someone help me fix this please? http://www.honestmom.com



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Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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