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  1. kingavi
    Posted 2 years ago #

    After my first post mysteriously got resolved/closed (though I didn't do anything to violate the rules), I'm having to post this again.
    Hello, and thanks for your time. First post, please don't hate.

    I was wondering how I could
    1 Expand the navigation menu on Atahualpa without increasing the font size (like the "padding" property does in CSS)
    2. Make it across the whole page rather than just the header.
    3. Add a logo like Monchocho.com (linking to http://www.avispin.com rather than clubpenguin.avispin.com)
    4. Add hover effects like monchocho.com
    5. Fix the position of the navigation bar
    6. Put meteor slides in the homepage
    7. Add hover effects on the navigation bar.
    8. Fix the issue with the container ending before the sidebars

    The site is clubpenguin.avispin.com, though the theme I am working on is on avispin.com/test


  2. Your post was caught by the spam filter just like this one. When that happens try to be patient. Eventually someone will release the post.

    I've deleted your other post as duplicates make it harder to provide support.

    Edit: You also should consider posting in the correct theme forum as well.


    Or even in that author's dedicate forum that he hosts.


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