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    I activated this theme and noticed that it strips some spaces after a quote and after commas. Question marks, periods and carots seem to be OK.

    The other themes work as expected and the editor shows the correct spacing too.

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  • Michael


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    afaik, caused by some settings with ‘minify’ (?)

    have a look into the atahualpa forum at
    – there is a bug fix

    Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t find a reference to minify in regards to punctuation in their search. I don’t see it in the theme options either.

    I’ll probably just ditch this theme for another one.

    I fixed it. For some weird reason, the theme has several settings that are selected by default in the css/js section.

    Go to “Configure CSS & JS”

    Select External for CSS: External file or inline? and External for Javascript: External file or inline?

    Select No for CSS: Compress? and No for Allow debugging?.

    In other words, choose the opposite of the default for these four items and the theme will work better.

    What a simple, brilliant fix – THANK YOU. Trying to second-guess and add extra spaces after every punctuation mark was taking me longer to do than actually write the initial blog post. Thank you again.

    THANK YOU, a_johnson! This was making me crazy – so glad I found your fix.

    A big thank you, a_johnson, from me as well!

    Came across this by accident (looking for something else) and just wanted to add my thanks … it’s been bugging me for ages! (Doesn’t help that I write in long sentences, and use commas etc. a lot to break them up!)

    Thank you guys for the kind words. 🙂

    thankyou so much !

    THANK YOU It was bothering me so much.

    Where would I find “Configure CSS & JS”, exactly? Is that in the theme editor or on my hosting server? If you could give the complete as much as possible, so I can follow you, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you very much, a_johnson! Fix that works! It was the same issue on our russian sites.

    BTW, “Configure CSS & JS” is located in View -> Atahualpa Theme Options.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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