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    I downloaded the update to the theme today and I am having two issues:

    1. My header image no longer stretches across the page and the “Login/RSS” and “Search” buttons are in the middle of the page now.

    2. My page no longer autofits to the browser and I am required to scroll left and right (which was not necessary before).


    Thank you!

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  • Good Guy


    With regard to your 1st point, what is the size of your header image? It should be { 980px × 200px } or you need to resize it using CSS.

    The theme preview uses a background image for the header so perhaps, you could try it.

    For point 2, it is difficult to comment without seeing your site.

    Hope this resolves the first part.

    The site is

    My header was set to the default header size and stretched across the page but with the update it changed. I haven’t changed anything in the stylesheet or the header since doing the update. If you look at the site, you can see where the header ends and it actually has another image on the right side that no longer shows.

    Thank you!

    You have a bunch of mark-up errors on the page — many of which are likely contributing to the problems you are having.

    Start by cleaning those up and then see where you are.

    How do I fix those? I can’t find those mistakes in the stylesheet/editors.


    The validator tells you where the errors are and then you have to track down exactly where it is coming from — either theme files or your content.

    Good Guy


    I suggest use this image as your header background and see what happens:

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you. I tried using the “Default” header image and it had the same problem. I’m guessing my errors have been there all along, but it only just became an issue with the updated theme. It’s so frustrating! I’ve changed all of the settings that I changed before (or at least I think I have) and it’s still not working.

    Hopefully the theme-maker will respond. He is usually pretty prompt!

    Theme Author AurelioDeRosa


    About your first problem, you have it because you have enlarged the width of the whole theme. To fix it, do these changes in the header.main-header class:

    • Add the rule background-size: cover; to the
    • Delete the rule width: 980px;

    The second problem is due to the same change you made. The standard theme width is 980px, you changed it in 1300px so it doesn’t fit anymore the screens that are 1280xZZZ.

    Thanks. I changed the theme width back to 1280 and readjusted the widget widths. Deleting the rule for the header width shifted the header off of the page, so I just increased it to 1280, as well.


    Theme Author AurelioDeRosa


    Glad that you solved the problem.

    There is now more space between the main body and the right side widgets than the left side. What is the coding for making them the same?

    Theme Author AurelioDeRosa


    It’s already set right. Since you have margin: 10px auto;. (auto is your man).

    Before the update, I manually moved the posts and categories to the bottom of the posts and also removed the extra data block. I have gone through my previous help requests and duplicated the instructions that you gave me but they are no longer working. Now, for example, when I move the posts or categories to after the content (or follow the directions to remove the data block), my entire page turns white.

    How can I fix those three things again? And will everything revert back to previous settings with each subsequent update?

    Theme Author AurelioDeRosa


    About the extra block, it can be now disabled in the theme settings. The other two changes should work as before. I can’t say why you have the errors without looking at your code. However I have to advise you that I can’t give this kind of personalised support for the theme. Did you a backup of your whole code before updating? If you can’t solve the problem, you can always go back to the old version.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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