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    I’ve been working with WordPress sites for a while and have never seen anything like this happen…

    I just set up a subdomain, did a WordPress install, activated it and then I copied over the plugins and theme that were on the main site to the subdomain. The idea is the sites will look and function the same, but they’ll have some different content on them.

    So after I did this and activated the theme on the subdomain, I went back to the main site and the theme has disappeared from the admin. The plugins are gone from the admin as well and there are error messages for each one: the plugin does not exist.

    And yet, I’m looking at all the files – the plugins and the theme files – in both site folders on my FTP site.

    The theme is Tempera.
    The sites are and

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  • Josh


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    I’m not sure what you are trying to do… but why not just install the same theme and plugins on the subsite? Why resort to copying them?

    If you are trying to copy “modifications”… then perhaps any modifications you made to plugin or theme files are conflicting?

    What happens if you rename the /plugins and /themes folders from the WP subdomain? Does it reactivate them in your main domain?

    I just deleted the theme and plugins from the subdomain entirely and they’re still not showing up in the admin on the main site.

    I renamed the folders as you suggested as well and that didn’t fix the problem either.



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    Are you certain the files still reside in the main domain? Close your FTP program and open it again. Navigate to your main site WP install. Check the folders after the program has refreshed.

    Are the files still there in your main site?

    What FTP program are you using?

    @montymcmahon Sometimes When You Copy-Paste Files From Domain To Sub-Domain It Makes The File Suspicious Because The Settings You Did On Your Previous Site Is Duplicated With The Same Content, In turn The Host Thinks That It Is A Suspicious File And Deactivates It From Further Use on The Site. You Will See The Files But You Will Not Be Able To Use Them. Well, I Suggest You To Delete What You Had Copied And Upload The Same Themes And Plugin By Going To Your Plugin’s And Theme’s Upload Page. Things Would Work Fine Then.

    @josh – I quit and restarted the FTP and now the files are all indeed missing. So I guess I have to start from scratch.

    Live and learn I guess…



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    Lol – We all go through it at one point or another.

    Are the files still in the subdomain location?
    Can you not just copy them back from there into your main domain?

    If not.. perhaps contact your host and see if they have a backup from yesterday or the day before. Some hosts take automatic periodic backups.

    The files were deleted from the subdomain. I just had to add them again on the main domain. Thankfully most of the settings came back with too.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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