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    I want to upload a new theme to my wordpress website.

    I have downloaded wordpress and filezilla.

    I went through the steps on the wordpress website to connect filezilla to my website and it seems to be connected as the info window roles stating transfers are complete and directory listing successful.

    However, no new theme appears in my admin theme site.

    Also, I was unable to fully follow the filezilla instructions on the wordpress site regarding uploading – they stated that web root directory files with the names htdocs or public_html or mainwebsite_html should appear which I should put my but there is only folders logs and Maildir.

    Please help, I’m running on a deadline to set up a charity website for funding.


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  • Hi, have looked at the video which is helpful, BUT, only the first of the two videos seems to work.

    I still have the problem that when I set filezilla up and contect it to my site there are no documents/folders/files which have the required names of htdocs, public_html or mainwebsite_html.

    How can I proceed if these items are not there?


    Ask your host what your root folder name is.
    It could be as simple as www or /




    richardp, BOTH of those videos work, just fine — that said, as I indicate in the OTHER tghread you have going, this would be easier to troubleshoot with a url to your blog, and the name of the theme you are trying to install.

    Hi whoomai,

    as stated in the other tghead – and the them we want is magazine-basic (but this may change as so far we have been unable to view any new themes from the wordpress directory).

    Thanks for the help so far, will try the videos again.

    I have just looked a a video recommended by other users and there appears a need to put the theme into a folder with the name public_html

    I do not have this theme when I connect via filezilla, penguin or cyberduck (the three ftps I have tried).

    Is this a problem with
    1. the ftp,
    2. my connection between my ftp and my wordpress site
    3. the wordpress site
    4. The domain dreamHost

    Any more help would be great, feel we are close to solving this for me.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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