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  • It looks terrible in IE (the sidebar shoots out past the page), and the background makes it really difficult to read.

    dawg you have at least two themes which are based on the Gemini template. If you had stuck with it your layout wouldnt have b0rked in IE 🙂

    @root You Know I downloaded the two Gemini Templates because I liked the themes.

    However I know it is borked in IE because IE is not standard compliant but my themes are not based on Gemini. I took the classic and remolded it based on this template from my site.

    This was done over a year ago but am clueless as to why I can not get it to work in IE with one short post. min-height works for FF


    Yah, dawg, but neither min-height, nor max-height, nor height:*% work in IE. There are some antsy-dancy workarounds you can use. For a start in that direction, go here and check Claire Campbell’s site – she’s got some really great info…. also there’s a CSS forum at WebmasterWorld; and there’s bunches of stuff at AListApart and MeyerWeb too. And BlueRobot – and always check the links page, will send you even farther afield.

    And for what CSS can REALLY do, there’s always Zen Garden….

    Thank vkaryl for the links.

    line-height works in IE but that will murder it:) The thing is all three {themes}have this little IE problem
    however it is not an issue as long as there are a couple of posts.

    It’s borked in Firefox too…

    @root Worked it out, after several different tries, I went to roots site as I thought he would have replied by now and was going to contact Root but there was no info there but there was an extremely long sidebar with one sentence in the content area, since everything was floated, I did the same and bingo, but I had troubles floating before in IE.

    So I will rework this IE issue in all themes and upload a new version 24 hours from now. I need a break

    For those that say its borked, rather it is not but I have been changing addding /trying / testing and playing around with things as the url says test so it is my testing site

    And because I am redoing everything with the themes one by one on the test server here is a better url for the time being.

    The themes all three view well across both browsers and when I get the kinks worked out on the test site I will implement the changes here. Mind you the only reason they appeared borked if because there was no content and then only borked in IE not FF but it it looked borked in FF you caught me trying out things.

    here with content

    That looks a lot different than the one in your first link on this thread. I just looked at that one with Firefox and it hurt my eyes. You need more contrast between your foreground and background. The last one is much-more easy on the eyes.

    @pezastic The first one looked the same, except when there were no quick responses, it went 48 hours before the first response, I had played around so when you saw it , it was not meant for viewing.

    Test is the folder that it was in so I apoligise as I was working on it when it was viewed ugly. When it was first posted it actually looked better than now because of the sidebar

    It should have looked like it does here and I will upload this to the test also.

    Nice work dawg. Sorry I had not appreciated you were expecting a reply. And my own site is permanently in *live development* *cough*. I always float content and the menu. Always. In goes #clearer. No padding or borders in floated elements and you are home and hack free. And it is guaranteed b0rk free in IE.

    No problem root, All three of my themes work as they share the same container basically as seen below

    The only problem I have which is not a problem as far as I am concerned is in IE with one short post like the

    “hello world” This is your first post start blogging.

    I can use min-height:500px; and that solves the issue for FF but IE is not standards compliant and does not respect min-height

    As long as there is content the theme looks good. One decent post

    To all those who saw it ugly, yes it does break with a short post only a sentence or two.

    It is not something I am worried about because if there is a post of two hundreds words or two one sentence posts this does not happen.

    But this is the mustard test that is used for the theme submission.
    If the siderbar does not go thru the footer as seen with mine when I got all those ugly comments.

    Thanks Root

    min-height is a no no. Except for fancy hacks like 1%. Its not necessary. If it is then something in the foundations is unsound. Normally min height means you are not clearing your floats with a #clearer { clear: both; margin 0; padding 0; }

    So we are clear Root I did not use this methed with floats

    Here is how it was used.

    #content{padding-left:30px;width: 450px;min-height:500px;}

    the min height keeps it looking good if there are no posts in FF but not IE, if I remove all blog posts you would see what I mean in IE only would the sidebar extend down

    dawg – I am sorry but this is way out. The content and the menu / whatever need to expand/contract according to the content . That is what floats permit. It is what absolute will not (if you need a footer). Your CSS code is a half way house. And it is not going to work because it is a mismatch of CSS rules. It is fundamentally unsound. I am sorry.

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