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  • I am looking to build a website for my work, in my head (at least) the requirements are not overly taxing. I have numerous sets of word documents that have grid/table layouts on them, 3 columns, multiple rows. Effectively they are support guides for our analysts, column 1 specifies the type of issue, column 2 is a Yes/No specifying if we support, the third column is a general notes column (what we do, alternative contact etc). This layout would be very easy to transplant into an excel doc, however I want something a bit more sophisticated as part of the problem I have in here is that support documentation is fractured across numerous docs, I want it all consolidated into one place. So at a high level, I’m looking for..

    1) User being able to select customer from dropdown list
    2) When they’ve done this and they have the grid/table in front of them, they can filter the 1st column etc
    3) In addition to the column filter, there is a text search box available which will pull back any hits on that table to search term used etc

    So my thinking is to find a suitable WordPress theme and bung the data into that, this is one theme I have found so far:

    If anyone can advise if the above would be suitable or if there are better themes out there that might better suit?

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  • Adjust your language to use the correct terms and you will get farther faster.
    In WordPress, a theme is code that only styles the content that is queried. That code builds the front end pages of the site in standard ways. The intent is for uniformity across the site.
    A plugin is code that adds functionality the the core WordPress functionality and to themes or other plugins. Plugins are for doing things that are considered extra (so it’s not built in to the core of WordPress).

    What you are describing would be a plugin, and in fact the link you gave is to a plugin.

    Often you can break down your needs into smaller pieces and find plugins to do the smaller jobs, and combining them will get the whole job done.
    You could put all the content into one giant page, or split it into smaller parts that can be mixed and matched from a search.
    Your content can be organized with a taxonomy. You may use a built-in taxonomy like category or tag, or you might need a custom taxonomy.
    You might use posts with custom fields or use a custom post type.


    Apologies r.e Language, as you may or may not have discerned I am relatively new to all of this.

    Thanks again for your response, I will re-focus my efforts r.e applicable plugins etc.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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