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  • Hi,

    I’m using the Adventure Journal theme (v1.7.2), and recently some pages have started to display strangely.
    Here’s my site:
    Here are the problems:
    Home Page:
    1. When I am a logged in user, the WordPress admin bar does not appear on this page.
    The bar does appear on all the other pages.
    2. When I click on a single post the page that displays the post and comments don’t show the white background (mp-sprite-content-bg.png, I believe). This makes it very difficult to read.
    3. There’s only shading (mp-background-shading.png, I think) on the background image (mp-background-tile.jpg, I’m guessing) for the top part of the page.

    Forums Page
    This page has very similar problems to the Home page.
    4. Does not show the WordPress admin bar for a logged in user.
    5. Does not showing the white background (mp-sprite-content-bg.png), making it difficult to read. The forums and topics also do not show the white background. (Using bbPress v2.0.3).
    6. Only has shading on the background image for the top part of the page.

    The other pages don’t seem to have these problems.
    I haven’t made any changes to any css stylesheets.
    Here’s an old site for comparison: (WordPress v3.2.1, Adventure Journal 1.7.1)

    Please help! Should I uninstall and reinstall the theme? (Don’t want to lose that if I lose all the pictures in the header or settings for the widgets). Is there some specific file I need to edit? Which one, and what should I change?


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  • Theme Author Matt van Andel


    Hey csp673,

    The theme appears to be corrupt. Specifically speaking, the footer is actually missing from the pages you mentioned.

    Chances are, you just have some missing or incomplete template files.

    I would download a fresh copy of the theme from your old site via FTP, and then simply upload the theme files into the new site, overwriting whatever is already there.

    FYI, the theme files for both sites are located in /wp-content/themes/adventure-journal/

    So you basically just need to re-upload the entire adventure-journal folder to fix any corrupt or missing template files.

    Let me know if that helps.

    Thanks Matt. Before I do that, would uploading theme files from an older version of Adventure Journal to a newer version cause any problems?
    Wordpress: v3.3.2
    Adventure Journal: v1.7.2
    Wordpress: v3.2.1
    Adventure Journal: v1.7.1


    That did not work. The only thing it did was that it no longer displayed the wood grain background image (mp-background-tile.jpg); instead it was white.

    All the other problems still remain.

    There is still no footer in the Home, single post, and Forums pages.

    I’m going to revert back. Any other ideas?

    I tried to reinstall the theme again, but it told me v1.7.2 was already installed.

    If I switched to another theme, uninstalled Adventure Journal, reinstalled Adventure Journal, and switched back to Adventure Journal, would I lose all my settings (Pages, widgets, etc)?

    Here’s what I tried:
    On the site, updated Adventure Journal to v1.7.2.
    Copied the whole /wp-content/themes/adventure-journal/ folder to the site.

    Still the same problems.

    What else can be corrupted? Is there some other problem with WordPress itself?

    I downloaded the adventure-journal folder from my site and the theme from WordPress on to my local computer. Both v1.7.2. Ran a diff on the two directories. All the files were identical. This would seem to indicate no files were corrupted.

    What next?

    Theme Author Matt van Andel


    The next thing to check would be your plugins. It’s possible that a plugin is interfering with the loading of footer.php on those pages. When troubleshooting plugins, the process works like this…

    1) Make a note of all the plugins you have enabled (write it down)
    2) Disable ALL plugins
    3) See if the problem disappears
    4a) If the problem doesn’t disappear. It’s probably not a plugin. Skip the rest of this list.
    4b) If the problem is fixed…
    5) Re-enable plugins ONE AT A TIME, checking your site afte each and every one. Eventually you will find the plugin that is breaking things.

    Try that and let me know if it works.

    Yeah, I started trying that too. I’m deactivating one by one and reloading the afflicted pages. Is there a concept of “restarting” WordPress, or is that not necessary? (I doubt my hosting provider would reboot the box if I asked!) Is it more conclusive in identifying a problematic plugin by deactivating ALL and reactivating one by one?

    Theme Author Matt van Andel


    Q. Is there a concept of “restarting” WordPress, or is that not necessary?
    A. Not like a computer. If you decide you need to do a clean install of WordPress, it *is* possible to export the data and import it again. To do that, you would need to do two things first:

    1. Make a full backup of your site and db (just in case)
    2. Make a backup your /wp-content/uploads/ folder
    3. In your admin, go to Tools > Export to export all your data.

    Once you’ve done that, you delete everything, reinstall WordPress from scratch, reinstall the theme from scratch, restore your /wp-content/uploads/ folder, then restore your content with Tools > Import. This will give you a “fresh” WordPress install but preserve your blog posts/pages/etc. I would only do this as a last resort.

    Q. Is it more conclusive in identifying a problematic plugin by deactivating ALL and reactivating one by one?
    A. If deactivating all the plugins solves the problem, then yes.

    I deactivated all the plugins, and it looks like the white background is restored. However, all the content on the Home and Forums page is gone. I did step 1 and 2 of backing up the site and db as well as all of the site structure, but forgot to do step 3.

    Is there still a way to restore the content? I am reactivating the plugins one by one, but none seem to be bringing back the posts and forum topics so far.

    I’ve reactivated all the plugins I need, but the content still does not appear.

    When I go into the dashboard, it still shows a list of all the posts and forum topics. It even says the posts are published.

    When I click View for a posting within the dashboard, it appears, but the background is still messed up. ie.,

    When I click View for a forum topic within the dashboard, it says it is not found. ie.,
    However, I can still edit it from within the dashboard.

    Please help!

    Theme Author Matt van Andel



    Can you shoot me an email at [email address moderated – this forum does not provide support via email]

    Finally tracked it down to the Ajax Weather Widget. It was deactivated, but still was in the Blog Sidebar. Dragged it out of there, and the white background on the Home page, single post pages, and the Forums page were restored. The admin bar appeared at the top for the Home and Forums pages as well.

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