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    I’m unable to comment on my blog posts.

    I can comment on other section – E.G my About Me section.

    Everything seems ticked and enabled; all of my posts allow comments and trackback/pingback. My main settings also allow comments.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    on the blog posts page, there won’t be comment forms by default; however, in single posts, there should be.

    compare the code of single.php and page.php to see if there is the same ‘comments_template()’ section.

    the code is definitively there in the unedited theme.

    occasionally, a plugin interferes – try to deactivate all plugins – if that solves the problem, re-activate one plugin at a time to locate the trouble-maker plugin.

    Hi Alchymyth

    Both Comments_template is set to true, however some of the coding above this command is slightly different.

    I’ll try deactivating the plugins too. 🙂

    I’ve tried deactivating the plugins however this didn’t fix the issue.

    I tried changing my theme to a different one and that didn’t work either.

    Any ideas?



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    seems to be a problem with your permalinks – clicking on the post title directs to an archive page;

    what is the setting under dashboard – setttings – permalinks ?

    The settings under dashboard – setttings – permalinks are /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/



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    ok – that is possibly the reason the posts get forwarded to a (time) archive, instead to a single post;

    for instance, try to use:


    Wow that fixed it.

    Thank you very much Alchymyth!

    Hey…. Where did you get 2.0…???

    I’m not seeing it anywhere?
    They were supposed to release a new version a long time ago, but no word at all.

    I was just searching for blog themes on my website and I found it. Sorry I can’t be more help

    Do you know where or how you found it at all?
    Like, what search terms, what websites were you checking? Anything?

    Any kind of clue might help me find it myself.

    BTW… I remember once finding their “development” page for this theme, but now I can’t find it. Although, it was just the them itself, that they worked on, not any way to download.

    Hey leeunicerse,

    There is no 2.0 yet. Adventure Journal 2 is in development and scheduled for a May release as a separate theme. You read more here:

    Thanks Matt…. It’s good to know what’s going on now.

    Also, can you give us the link to the development version of this?
    Just would like to see what it’s looking like.


    BTW…. Is it possible the “design” might be updated a little bit to a more modern look but keeping the same “archeological/scholarly” feel?

    Because I’ve realized it’s actually an old generic looking theme now, and even though I don’t want too, I’m likely going to have to go to another theme. I’ve found one that might work, but I still miss your themes archeological style, but I can’t find anything more modern that is like yours. This is the current one I’m think of using.

    Yes, it’s safe to say that we’re doing a bit of a “refresh” on the theme.

    Generally speaking, it’s going to look familiar, but it really is a completely new theme. The design is totally new, but it follows most of the same goals and concepts as the original AJ (that is, it’s going to emphasize paper, wood, and physicality).

    Beside the look, there are some extremely radical changes on the technical side of things. For instance, AJ2 is a “responsive” theme… so it will just magically adjust itself to make the most of tablet and mobile devices (think: automatic mobile version of your website).

    So when I say the changes in AJ2 are dramatic, I really, really mean it. 😉

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