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  • At the moment I want to start building a new WordPress theme for this website based upon the _s starters theme as the current website is unfortunately TYPO3 based.

    I am facing several challenges in order to make the _s theme suitable, as:

    • Several CPT’s need to be added;
    • The authors/members need to get more information and need to be categorized;
    • Additional admin options need to become available (In order to make the different sections customizable for a local department)

    Most of the challenges I can solve myself, but there is one remaining. How can I best set up the theme options withing the _s starters theme?

    On the website of I see the following information:

    Sample theme options in /inc/theme-options/

    After downloading I can’t find those files. On the other hand I noticed several ‘Theme Option Frameworks’, like:

    Both of them look very good. I would like to know what your best practices are? Are you familiar with those frameworks in correspondence with the _s starters theme? Are you advising those frameworks or are you relying on the basics?

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  • It looks like the theme options may have been removed recently since it’s no longer in the includes directory:

    I’d try to see if your options make sense for the theme customizer.

    If not, I recommend the Options Framework Plugin– though I am biased.

    @devin: Thank you for your reply. I know you are biased, but I appreciate your reply.

    Noticed your plugin, but I am more in favor of a direct embed into the newly build theme, thus came up with NHP and upthemes. The thing I like about NHP Framework is the following comment:

    But neither of them provided me with the extendability i needed/wanted. What i really wanted to do was merge those frameworks and add a little spice. I wanted a few specific things that have been the core reason for this framework.

    Note: Them is referring to the Options Framework plugin and the Upthemes framework.

    Furthermore there are several other comments from core contributors that the such Frameworks adding extra weight to the website and you should not use these and stick to the core WordPress functionality. Given the last, I am thinking if a Framework is really the best option and not use a lightweight piece of code in the functions.php.

    Hi Ruben!
    Thanks for choosing _s as your starter theme 🙂 We, the Theme Team, have decided that it would be best to adopt the Customizer for all UI provided by our themes in the future. If you are looking for the code that we recently removed, you can find it here:



    I am learning using The Upthemes Framework. I am facing a problem . I am unable to retrieve data from theme option page to my desired template.
    For example:
    There is a slideshow in my header.php template. I want to supply the image for slideshow from themeoption(Dashboard). How can i do this ?
    please help me.

    @Bappa_sarker – you’ll need to ask the developers/vendors of your theme for help –

    These forums only support themes from the repository on this site, sorry.



    WPyogi Thanks a lot .

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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