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Thematic: Show archives in menu?

  • I’m trying to modify the menu in the Thematic-theme to add a menu item with Archives. I found a working piece of code to do the same thing but with Categories, but when I try to modify this code to show Archives it doesn’t work as good.

    I want it to look like this:

    | Archive
    | September 2010 (2) |
    | August 2010 (1)    |

    But now it’s like this with two separate buttons:

    | September 2010 (2) | August 2010 (1)

    My code looks like this:

    function add_childtheme_archive_menu($args) {
        $archives = wp_get_archives('echo=0&show_post_count=1&title_li=<li><a href="#">Arkiv</a>');
        $args .= $archives . '</li>';
        return $args;

    The working code I found for categories is:

    function add_childtheme_category_menu($args) {
        $categories = wp_list_categories('echo=0&title_li=<li><a href="#">Kategorier</a>');
        $args .= $categories . '</li>';
        return $args;

    What should I change to make it work right? And otherwise, is there a nice plug-in available for Archives which will give a similar result?

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  • Is this a code or a CSS problem ?

    It’s a PHP-code problem in the functions.php file because the code for categories works and it has the same CSS as the not working code for archives.

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