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  • Hi all!

    I’m new to wordpress theme editing and am starting with Thematic. All I really need to edit for the particular project I’m working on is basic stuff: background colors in the header, body, and footer, font changes, etc.

    I’ve read everywhere that editing this theme is supposed to be such a breeze, but I can’t seem to find where to edit these very basic things. There are several stylesheets in the theme as most of you know.

    Does anyone have any idea where I go to change these simple things? Thanks for reading!

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  • jack randall


    thematic is a theme framework, you can use it as is and make modifications to it or you can make a child theme based on thematic and make all your changes to that without fear of breaking the parent theme.

    this is the wordpress breakdown of child themes (how to make them and use them). it’s a bit of an odd concept at first but fairly soon it will make perfect sense.

    as for where to find things you need to familiarise yourself with the files that go into making a wordpress theme as the things you need to tweak will be in these (header.php, footer.php, home.php etc)

    it is relatively straight forward but it’s easier with at least a working knowledge of html, css and php…

    Yep, I understand how it works and have read all that.

    None of these readings adequately explain at all how to change these basic things. I want to change header background color, body background color, and footer background color and you’d think this would be a snap but the reality of it is it’s just not. I have changed every single background tag over and over again wherever it appears and the only one that ever changes anything is the tag in the reset.css stylesheet, and even then, changing that actually just changes the entire background on the entire page.

    Isn’t there some guide that says, specifically, like this:

    To change the header color, go to the following locations: xyz and do this: xyz

    and so on?


    you need to edit your stylesheet… its usually the style.css file

    No I’m afraid there isn’t a specific guide but if you post a link to your website and detail what specific changes you want to make I’m sure that someone will be able to help.

    jack randall


    the only working guide is to learn css and html… they’re not too hard but to make any real in roads on theme alterations a working knowledge of both is required.

    in the mean time if you’re on firefox or chrome browser you can install web development plugins to help you isolate the bits of code you need to tweak and you can make changes to the code in real time (the cahnges won’t stick and when you refresh your browser things will go back to the way they were).

    google w3c schools and it’ll help you no end!

    Yes, I’ve got firebug installed and it’s still no help oddly. It doesn’t really “isolate” anything.

    This is the address:

    In addition to the header, footer, and body colors I’d also like to change the color and text in the menu.

    jack randall


    by isolate i meant find 🙂 it’s a very useful tool to help you locate the individual classes and id’s you need to tweak in the style.css file of your theme. you can’t make actual changes using firebug but believe me it’s very handy to have it!

    Yes, I understand what you meant. What I meant was that while firebug does in fact “isolate” one line of code, it doesn’t really do anything else for me but lists like 5 different stylesheets with no indication of what is controlling what. Like I said, the mentions of background color change the entire page, not just the header, footer, or body. In fact, style.css isn’t even one of those sheets it lists.

    jack randall


    in the interests of helping though:

    in your theme’s default.css file add to change colours (in this example, to black)

    #header { background: #000; }
    #footer { background: #000; }

    to change the theme’s header and footer colour

    blockquote { color: #000; }

    to change the colour of the text in the right hand sidebar.

    .sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited { color: #000; }

    to change the colour of the text in the menu

    hope that helps. 😀

    Ugh! I’m such a jerk. Thank you so much. I actually did do that #header #footer but I must have put it in the wrong place repeatedly.

    What a simple thing in the end! Thank you again. It’s very much appreciated.

    jack randall


    you’re welcome dude 😀

    hello, i am not familiar to coding stuff can anyone just tell me in easy steps how to do that:
    i want to remove the links from footer section. like about , register, links etc how can i do that? whenever i create a page ot goes in my header thats ok for me but that link also displayed in my footer atomatically what do i do? and how can i change right side of my footer aswell?
    you can check the problem

    jack randall


    what theme are you using and did you buy it?

    As this is a commercial theme, we cannot really help. You need to seek support from the theme vendors.

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