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  • Okay, this question is only peripherally WordPress related, but I thought to try asking here since I’ve no idea where else to ask… In a lot of source code, I see the same style block comments being used to delimit descriptions and stats:

    * WordPress
    * Semantic Blog Publishing Platform
    * @since 2003
    * @return string The kewlest blogging system in the world

    There has to be logic between this. I remember hearing something about Ruby-on-Rails being responsible for the ” * ” line prefix and @name convention… but after extensive Googling, all I’ve gotten is a good deal of confusion.

    I’ve seen lots of languages and platforms use this to style documentation inside the code itself… WordPress is no exception. Somebody care to shed light on this, please?

    And if I don’t get a reply here, I s’pose I can always spam Mr. Mullenweg with an e-mail. xD

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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