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  • Hey

    Someone who is making a international news type site asked me the other day how they could implement Regional Selection then Limit Categories to show only those Regions or Countries..

    It is not a professional site and it seems like a lot to bite off and chew.. not sure how he could ever support it even if he can get the sorting right but what he was asking is something that I think could apply to many of our sites….

    Basically he has the MAIN CATEGORIES like all news sites
    Government Business Entertainment blah blah blah

    Then inside the categories I am guessing he applied Tags on each post for USA EUROPE ASIA SOUTHAMERICA.. and such

    Now the problem he is asking is

    How can he allow his visitors to select a Region when the site is first visited… then display only posts from that region as they navigate Categories.

    Since the Region is in a Tag it shouldn’t be really hard to do the sorts .. but having Persistence of the region remain as they navigate the site seems much more complex…


    How do you think you would approach this…

    Person comes.. they Click Europe..
    Then all of the Categories only show European Post Content
    Until they change their location.

    Possibly he could have MultiSite.. but the guy is talking to drilling it all the way down to about 100 countries not just 10 Regions.. so thats not going to work.. He really needs to keep it all on one site but allow for that selection that remains persistent over the visit.

    Im betting the next time he is around he will ask for Translation HA! heh

    I just hate to get into all the Category Templates that would be required to support all of this but…

    You guys tell me how you would approach it..
    I dont think the big guys even do this.. they would do MultiSite and hire 50 writers.. heh

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