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  • A blog that uses WordPress and appears to be hosted by WordPress has been republishing content without attribution and without asking permission.

    How do we file a complaint?

    Blog in question has a purchased domain, but the email address to the tech contact is not valid:

    Please advise, thank you.

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  • doesn’t host, it merely provides free software with which people can run their website. Therefor I think you’re at the wrong place here.
    You tried the voidadmin email address (it already suggests to be invalid…) and/or telephone? Perhaps you better contact the host of the website which seems to be PublicDomainRegistry com (ehm, their site is dead?) or bladsvs info

    Of just start commenting under the specific article so that the owner of the blog gets annoyed.

    Good luck.

    Seeing the link at the upper right corner of this page that says HOSTING, I wasn’t certain that the site did not use WordPress’ hosting services.

    Secondly, if WordPress is providing the software, is it a hosted service or a local client app? Why would WordPress allow someone to use a hosted service — if that’s what it is — for the purposes of taking others’ content? Hence my question in this forum.

    I’ll contact and hope it’s not a privately owned server.

    I have been commenting at each of the posts taken from our site, but the blogger has comment security set on pre-approval.

    That “hosting” button merely suggest some hosting companies that have the minimum requirements for a WP website and which get good feedback from users. That’s about it.

    WordPress is nothing more (and nothing less) web software that people can use when they don’t want do (or cannot) build a php/css website with a database themselves, a bit like Microsoft makes software for people who can’t make text editors or spreadsheet software. If someone uses a Microsoft program to republish something copyrighted, I don’t suppose you could blame Bill Gates for that.

    Bladsvs definately is the company of the person listed as contact for I don’t think it is likely that someone would make such a crappy and standard WP blog if (s)he hosted it him/herself, so maybe your’re lucky.

    Yep, the internet is available for everyone and anything can be stolen. It’s a pain, but there’s little you can so against it.

    Good luck with your efforts.

    Personally, I would contact which is the company that registered the URL and tell them that the owner of the URL is in violation of their TOS agreement. That they are not keeping their contact information up-to-date and current, and that they are using “stolen” content without attribution. Tell them that you want them to contact their customer and to tell them to pull the content down, or revoke the ownership of the domian name.

    If they are a reputable firm, they will pursue this for you. has been very good about this for me. 🙂

    Perhaps you will have the same luck with

    Good Luck

    Try Then call their hosting company. Ask for the abuse department if they have one.

    That site is not hosted on WP dot com. It’s hosted on layeredtech.

    Gangleri, not everyone is a “Picasso” like you, so sometimes we mere mortals have to use whats availible. Maybe when we reach the higher planes you gods of design occupy, we can create something artistic and make you happy. Clearly that is what matters. Content? pffft, it has to look pretty!

    oh and bladsvs is the same person as the site owner.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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