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  • I’m slowly making the switch to WordPress from pMachine… I’ve moved a few pages over and thought I would post a link. I tweaked the Kubrick template just a little for my blog.
    I’ve got a lot more to do and just as many questions (but I’ll read the forums before I start firing out questiongs.)
    It looks fine in all browsers (the header and menu are off a pixel or two in Explorer on a PC… go figure).
    Anyway, here’s my site…

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  • i like the site alot
    what are you using for the gallery/picture setup?

    I’m using freeware called Galerie for Mac. It is very easy to use and comes with a lot of templates. I usually just cut a paste what I need into my templates.

    Nice work, I like your comments layout…are you using a plugin, or did you just tweak the wp-comment.php file?

    Kudos! Keep it up!

    How do all you people get to be so cool ?

    Pierced and purple and podcasting friends …
    and from Pennsylvania I might add.

    Not to mention you have 4 1/2 pussy ……. cats !

    Anyhow … on the design side …

    your site is all “mathmatically and geometrically” sound. everything is contained in it’s precise, little space. And you hand out space to all the elements with uncanny judicial good sense. This thing is like New York City, baby ! All those little div’s living side by side …

    it all makes me feel very comfortable, because I have absolute faith nothing is going to get out of it’s space and invade it’s neighbors space.

    Hell … I like it … I don’t know how you do it, but I like it … all my shit ends up sloppy and “organic”, like a garden with a few wild weeds. Your site is professional and has a “sheen” … or maybe that’s a “shine” ?

    I love the layout and I must ask how did you get the image of the small pair of glasses next your storytitle? I love that and if possible would like to add an image next to mine.

    I must jump on the bandwagon heaping praise on your site and say I am adoring your blog. How DID all you people get to be so cool?

    I’m all curious about getting the little image beside your storytitle as well. Someday I hope to say all cool and casual that I’ll take a peek at your code and customize it for my own site, but for now I’m just the blogging neophyte with the blank look on her face saying, “oooo, pretty!”

    Very nice work in both design and content.

    Hey blackcloud. Nice design. As for the pixel thing, I just had the same problem on another site.

    I think its called the IE pixel jog (that’s what I call it). Whatever is getting thrown off use this in your CSS:

    * html body {width:XXpx}

    The asterisk is only recognized by IE. In this case, I had to adjust the body width, but enter whatever is being measured (#menu, etc.) Try playing around with either 3px wider or smaller and you’ll see it move in IE only. Play with the width till you get it right and you should look the same across the board.

    variation of kubrick? thats what it reminds me of. ITs very clean. Just purple is not too much of my taste. Good Job.

    Lucid> I just tweaked the Kubric comment page (unless you saw it when it had a few bugs, heh).

    e-head> thanks for the kind words. they call me the “maximizer of space” or is that “minimizer?” lol

    Missychele> adding the graphic is real easy send me an e-mail at and i’ll show you what I did.

    joan> thanks for the kind words. and send me an e-mail and I’ll show you how to add that graphic… it’s easy.

    Kiddeath91> IE just irks me. I don’t know why so many people use it. Thanks for the tip.

    7milesdown> Yep it was originally a Kubric template… I just tweaked it a bit.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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