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  • I am developing a site for a national theatre organization that needs the capability to manage their members. Members pay an annual fee and will have access to premium website content. The officers of the organization will need to be able to edit member and subscription information. Part of what the site will feature is a listing of members both by specialty and by name. I have researched several plugins (Gravity Forms, wp eMember, Connections, etc.) all of which will facilitate PART of what I need. However, I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the best way to set this up.

    What I would like to be able to do is this:

    1. Allow people to sign up and pay for a year at a time using paypal, then protect certain pages and posts from non-members.

    2. Allow members to register and edit profile info from the front end. (Probably not as WP users if I can help it, but if that’s the only option, that’s okay.)

    3. Display multiple member directories on the site (i.e. a bare-bones version on a public page, more detailed on a protected page)

    4. I need to be able to add custom fields (specialty, university, etc.) to the profiles and then display these in the member directories.

    5. I’d like a radio box that would let the user choose whether to be in the public directory (i.e. “Add me to the public directory”)

    5. I’d love to have a listing of checkboxes with all of the different specialties in the member’s profile and let the user click which one(s) he or she teaches, then on a separate page, display each specialty as a heading and list of all the members who teach it below (maybe this could somehow be done using categories?)

    It’s looking like maybe some combination of gravity forms and something else, but I’m really struggling to find the right combination of things that are customizable enough. Anyone had experience with anything like this?

    Thank you so much!


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  • I am curious what you ended up finding/using?

    In the end, I went with s2member pro. Although not without its difficulties, it has a lot of features and is VERY customizable with lots of API Hooks and Filters. Combined with several other plugins and few custom functions, the site is working pretty well!

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