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  1. dprme
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    Hey Guys!

    We just launched http://www.dpr-me.com and I am using qTranslate to get multilingual support and with a couple of

    if (get_locale == "ar")

    statements, I'm being able to load multiple CSS files based on language (http://www.dpr-me.com/ar/). Now my issue is that dates declared using "the_time" function are still returning the month's name in English on the Arabic template which I find bizarre since the name of the month is appearing perfectly fine in Arabic on the Archive widget. Here's an example of the output values.

    echo($wp_locale->get_month(12)); //this returns "December"
    echo($wp_locale->get_month(the_time(m))); //this returns 12

    It's really weird and I'm guessing I've missed something or if there's an alternative to the_time() that can return the month's name for the specific post.

    Any support is highly appreciated.


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