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  • shmish


    Currently I am including some text in my posts by using a custom key and value. The text is shown by displaying the the meta_value.

    Will this text be indexed (or whatever it is called) by Google for searches? I have the google sitemap plugin installed. I’ve tried doing some google searches for words that I have included in custom keys and didn’t get any hits….

    To see an example of this in action, go to and click on “photo info”.

    The reason I set it up this way is so that when I write a post, I add the photo as the post content and the photo info is added via the custom field. Another option could be to create a separate html file for each photo info, and then have the the_loop grab the contents of the html file and load it via leightbox (or some other lightbox variant). This would mean that i’ll have to create tons of small html files (one for every post), and I still don’t know if this would get indexed by the Google sitemap.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions, or knowledge on how this all works I would love to hear it.


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  • newmomsforum


    Should be, looking at your source, the text is Always listed for the picture. For example:

    <div id=”lightbox1″ class=”leightbox”>

    <h1>Photo Info</h1>

    This was taken around Opal Cone, on the hike from Elfin Lakes to Mamquam Lake. I used T-Max 100 and either my Nikon F-601 or FM2. If you like fishing and suffering, you can carry 80lbs of camping gear, food and fishing gear (belly boat, rod, gear, waders, wetsuit, etc) and do some fine fly fishing on Mamquam Lake. I did. Next time I’ll hire someone to carry my stuff…

    <p class=”footer”>


    As a guess, Google should pick this up from there, no problems

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