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  • How can i include a script(which depend on jquery) in the_content action in a proper way?

    This is the code in the action hook the_content. (i need to have it in the content, because i only want to include this script if a specific text is in the_content

    $x = WP_PLUGIN_URL.'/'.str_replace(basename( __FILE__),"",plugin_basename(__FILE__));
    	if (!wp_script_is("jquery")) {
    		wp_register_script("jquery",$x. "jquery.js");
    	wp_register_style('lb_stl', $x . 'thickbox.css' );
    	wp_register_script('lb_thk', $x . 'thickbox.php' );
    	wp_localize_script( 'lb_thk', 'options', $options );
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